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Princess of our hearts – Taylor Swift (Speak Now)

Taylor Swift - Speak Now (Extended Version)

What Mr.StrictlyIntimate loves besides fashion is when people stand out of a crowd speaking their own minds and thoughts, following their dreams and ambitions and showing all the doubters that believing in yourself is the only opportunity to become successful in this fast moving, fast developing and fast thinking world/society.

There are several people out there, that combine such lineaments – some of them in my closer environment and some of them far, far away. One of those personalities is Taylor Swift, a girl/woman that grew up to be a confident human being believing in her talented voice and her inspirational mind. In every word she sings lies a special feeling of fragility but strength, innocence but wildness, timidity and confidence. Throughout her early years of singing and songwriting Taylor Swift was the only one strong and willing enough to stand up for her right to be an accepted female artist.

And we have to admit that it was worth the fight and the struggle to become who shee is right now – a unique artist that symbolizes naturality, elegance and traditional values. Taylor Swift is truly a women that is worth being looked up at and worth to be seen as a role models for young girls of every age that fight for their dreams and wishes and hopes and plans, girls that grow up with a lack of self confidence to once become a strong and independant woman and for girls that always often were disappointed by others but stil believe in wonderful things like love, friendship and values.

On time her new Album ‘Speak Now’, which is her third album by now, has been released last week in two different editions – a purple one with 14 songs and a red one, which is the extended version, with 20 songs, 2 bonus mixes and two videos including the official music video of her new single ‘Mine’ and exclusive behind the scene footage. As you might have guessed, I have purchased the red extended version via iTunes (I am a total iTunes addict) and I am so happy with this great album, that I had to put it down in an article.

01 Mine
02 Sparks Fly
03 Back to December
04 Speak Now
05 Dear John
06 Mean
07 The Story of Us
08 Never Grow Up
09 Enchanted
10 Better Than Revenge
11 Innocent
12 Haunted
13 Last Kiss
14 Long Live
15 Ours
16 If This Was a Movie
17 Superman
18 Back to December (Acoustic Version)
19 Haunted (Acoustic Version)
20 Mine (US Version)
21 Back to December (US Version)
22 The Story of Us (US Version)
23 Behind the Scenes ‘Mine’ Music Video
24 Mine (Music Video)

The songs I like the most are Enchanted (a wonderful love song that took my heart by the first three tunes), Mean (a funny sing-along song for all those hunting for the big dreams but having big doubters sitting in your back) and Back to December (a sad song about breaking up and regreting it afterwards).

This album is beautiful. It is real, it sounds real and above all – every song, every tune, every verse FEELS real.



Taylor Swift – Mine


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