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Flair in Love: Fall in Love – the Film

Flair - November Issue 2010

It is not a secret that I am currently working at Flair fashion magazine– and if it was for some of you then it isn’t one anymore. Fact is I am always honest as you might have noticed while reading the past few articles and the criticism I had to face because of my harsh and ‘too’ straight forward written articles but you know what, that is who I am and I do not see a sense in fucking playing pretend to be nicer than I actually am. Another fact is that I saw the new Flair Magazine Movie for the first time today and – as THE total romantic guy I am – fell in love with its mood, scenery and environmental magic right the second I pressed the Youtube-play button.

Fall in Love – Story of the Poor Little Rich Girl

Directed by Sandro Suppnig the movie itself is an inner monologue of a missing actress (wonderfully beautiful Katrin Thormann) – a woman lost on an island… a woman who ran away because her life always seemed to be perfect to the world outside her hotel room windows and her fans but never to herself. When you are missing something, some one who takes over your heart in a minute, who takes your breath away by a single kiss, then nothing can give you a feeling of having it all, because you realize that you just do not have it all…the most important thing in this world, on this planet, in your own life is missing and it breaks your heart. It is love…

‘The world knows my name alone. It seems I have it all and yet, why does alone feel so lonely? You are rich, I say, you’re famous, even beautiful but what does it matter if the fortunes don’t make you lucky in love? I had to leave to live.
Life spins lessons, obsessions, the chapter for every turn I’ve taken. Rewriting time in the sands that I have yet to walk.
I had to live, I had to yearn…for love.
[Words by Michael Sheldon]

After I have seen the movie I went straight to my fashion directrice and asked her a question that immediately came to my mind…’Why do you make movies? What is the main reason of a fashion magazine behind creating a whole film?’
Ingrid Geringer told me that the main reason was the fact that the internet itself is a medium that is growing and developing every single day and Flair magazine wants to keep up with time to show that the print medium, though definitely never going out of fashion, has to be developing with online media.

I definitely have to agree on that and tell you, that this film was not the first one, as maybe the most of you might be aware of, but for those, who are not, I have to show the other one, staring Iris Strubegger – La Demimondaine.

The new film, which can be viewed on Youtube is underlining an editorial of the new November Issue of Flair Magazine and for my dear readers I have the first double page of this shooting – if you want more, just buy the new Flair – I promise you will be happy with it.

Fall in love - Flair November Issue Page 76/77

Enjoy every single second of this film and jump into a bright pool full of romanticism, emotions and loneliness…




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