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Events of a Week – WE FASHION and BREIL

‘The early bird catches the worm’…isn’t that what an old quotation declares? Well, following this I have been awake since 7.00 am lying in bed thinking about the last week and all the things I’ve done and gone through and above all about all the things I have said and written.

Actually I can’t say that I am not happy with my life, though I feel that there is something missing. There are a lot of things going more than well and others going wrong, unfortunately, but that is life, you know? You have to get along with all that is coming up to you trying to make your life harder, but it is this one life we live, one time the way we are – with this body and this heart and this soul and this mind. This is us isn’t it? Not talking about those who believe in reincarnation or not – you live this life once. So it is important to follow your dreams and do what you want to and say whatever you think – no matter what others think or say.


So, back to my week – I have been to one press breakfast and one press lunch, while I face working at Flair magazine and actually working on Friday and Saturday nights at a club.
On Thursday I attended a press breakfast of WE FASHION, a Dutch fashion concept store that opened its doors in Vienna for the first time in two places the Donauzentrum and the SCS Vösendorf – two of Vienna’s biggest shopping malls (though the SCS isn’t in Vienna actually but quite at its frontiers).
At 8.15 am I got picked up by the taxi to get to the SCS and I arrived at 9.05 am – 5 minutes late because of a traffic jam (which are totally typical for Vienna and which I totally hate!). When I got there I was actually glad to know various people and to get to know new ones such as stylist Thomas Reinberger and the head of WE FASHION.

To be honest – the stores are beatifully arranged and decorated with an obvious love on details – the concept itself was developed by Japanese design studio Wonderwall and the furniture of all the stores was made by MOOOI a wonderful but unfortunately quite expensive furniture label.
After a short presentation of facts and history we all got a quite nice bag with all the important press material a journalist needs including mascara, glasses and a shopping voucher of € 50.- which I used to buy myself a new shirt and a pair of gloves for a special someone. WE FASHION shows and sells collections of Men, Women and Children – Boys as well as Girls.
Making my way through the crowd of journalists, saying goodbye to these and waving goodbye to those I found myself in the taxi back to the fashion office of Flair Magazine.

BREIL Milano

Yesterday at 4.30 pm I attended the Breil Milano press meeting, which was at a nice place called Procacci – a wonderful italian restaurant placed in the Göttweihergasse 2 in the first district. When I entered a nice man who turned out to be mister Stoisser himself came up to welcome me and then he showed me the whole collection including a description on the heart pieces from necklaces to a wonderful octagon watch with a dark blue instrument dial.
When we were quite finished with our discussion wonderul Martina Cerny walked in (she is the head of Making of Agency) and I had someone to talk to and believe me one thing – she is not just amazing with an excellent style, but also totally charming and entertaining and every time we meet we have so much to talk about like two Gossip Girls at a sleep over. I totally love her.

On my walk home with the BlackBerry in my hands and a gift for a special someone I found myself to be quite lucky to have my life but on the other hand thinking about the future and how things will develop and go on.

I love life…I really do, but sometimes it is quite hard – isn’t it? Well, of course not if you are a wannabe-star in Austria who lives by showing off his or her un-stylish wardrobe – but that is Vienna and yes! I love this country. It is my home, it is my castle. But I know there is more to come for me – a lot more and you all are my witnesses.

Have a wonderful sunny weekend. I think of you – think of me too!





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