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the Austrian Fashion Scene or all about not getting paid properly because you are so young…

You know – for a lot of people the fashion industry is something quite shallow and superficial and for others it is something totally glamorous and glittering…right now I had to realize, that it is about time to speak about what goes on behind closed doors of fashion magazines, styling offices and the kiss-kiss society of Austria’s fashion scene.

Every day I hear people talking about young fashion talents like myself and I am so annoyed by every single word that is so full of shit that I can’t stand listening to such lame excuse-making for either not pay someone properly for a work he or she has done or not giving a newcomer a job where he gets paid adequately, but still preying every single second of his/her life 60 hours a week – seriously that is not just lame, that is inappropriate to me and I definitely not play along with such a behaviour anymore. I tried to close my eyes to tell myself, that it will get better, if I just keep working on and hey I do not even sleep enough anymore because I always think about working and oh yeah getting money together to pay the rent. Having a job is well and good but what is the sense in working more than the average 40 to 50 hours and not even being able to pay the rent? Or to get yourself some food? Or to always be in a bad mood because you work your ass off without actually being rewarded but arrogated more and more and more.

This has to stop!
The Austrian fashion industry is such a playing-pretend scenery. I only stick through this because I love my passion more than everything else in this world and because I have a dream that is bigger than this hypocritical society. I do not see a sense in running after someone for weeks to get money for a job I have done actually perfectly well or needing money and having to do everything for free because I do not have enough ‘experience’ – I mean, come on, how could I?! I do not get a chance to get experience or have you ever heard ‘oh you are young and just graduated? Well, then here you go take the job and show us how good you are!’…so sad but unfortunately so true. And so typically Vienna/Austria that it makes me angry.

I love this country and if I could choose I would love to work here, but not with these conditions we are struggling and fighting with – where people without any sense for fashion and any style are celebrities while young, talented, good – and I dare say I am quite awesome when it comes to fashion – do not get a chance to show what they got.

Wake up Austria – we are the new generation. We are the good ones, the talented ones – those who can do everything…if we’d just get a chance.





  Anonymus wrote @

Ok bro, why are you still here?!?!?!? … I’m not into the market as you are but as i can read out of your article young talents wont get anything here … so my question is why are still here?
Ever heard of austrian designers who make it to the top… i havent… so go along the great sea and try to go your own way … the american dream is not just a myth !!

  MB for D&F wrote @


  Kathmo wrote @

From A to Z true.

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

To be honest – I believe, that there is a chance to get famous and respected for what you do – even here in Austria. It is just about time that the creative scene gets a wake up call.

I want to be successful in my home country. This is where I was born, this is where I grew up and this is where I share my life, my love and my all!


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  leonie wrote @

du sprichst es mir aus der seele.

  Mia wrote @

don’t see the point in moving somewhere else either. that doesn’t change a thing.

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