the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

when Love ends…

In life nothing hurts more than loss. Losing someone you truly loved because he/ she died or because you broke up (which sometimes might feel alike). And so I am hurt because I am on my own again after loving someone more than being loved in return and on one hand it is absolutely okay. On the other hand it hurts piainfully but as a sad matter of fact having relationships coming and going, love developing, growing and fading, is a crucial part of life helping you to grow up and more confident.

So, I have been taught a lot by a still wonderful and georgeous man – I have learned to trust, I have learned to be myself no matter if it might feel inappropriate, I have learned to stand tall for someone and to be there for him even though it sometimes did hurt like hell, I have learned to grow stronger in believing into myself and above all I have learned to love again – even though I have been deeply and irrevocably hurt before.

On this saturday I am single again after having a beautiful, strong and loving relationship for a good amount of time. And I want to say thank you for giving me all you have given me – love, reality, romanticism, tears, joy and the belief that I can do whatever I want to. I love you.

And there I sat on the bus wondering if I will ever be able to smile after all this and somehow this older lady gets on the bus…I look at her and suddenly smile by realizing she is wearing Dior shades and I somehow know that nothing hurts that much if there is fashion around me. Obviously my only true love.




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