the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

a Poem: I Miss You

In order of having my thoughts fixed on the end of my relationship I have found a bit of ease in writing…lyrics, poems and stories. Therefore I have written and dedicated a poem to my wonderful ex-boyfriend W who will always have a special place in my heart and who can always count on me no matter what happens – I will be there as a dear and faithful friend.

I Miss You

I miss the fact that your side of the bed isn’t warm anymore.
I miss the last kiss everyday before you walk out the door.
I miss lying in your arms feeling safe and secure.
Oh God…I miss you so much.

I miss your touches on the back of my head.
I miss every single word that you’ve ever said.
I miss watching movies eating potato salad and bread.
Oh God…please, I miss you. Come back.

I miss all the hugs,
all the smiles,
all the kisses
and all of your jokes.
I miss being happy,
I miss being yours.

I miss what we had,
I miss what we were,
I miss you – why can’t you be here?

I miss you and it kills me inside.
I miss you and I know I will never smile.
Without you life isn’t right.
[written by Mr.StrictlyIntimate]




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