the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

What happens…

Is life supposed to feel like this? Finding what you’ve been looking for so long and then losing it after such a little time spent together? Is it fair to feel that way? Is it fair to love and to not be loved in return?

What happens to all those beautiful hours together…the first date…the butterflies…the zsa zsa zsu…the knowing the it feels just the way it has to feel? What happens to the roses…the flowers…the letters…those three words? What happens to being absolutely happy falling asleep beside the one you love and knowing you are going to wake up in the morning and he will be there still…and you feel perfect because of him?! You feel beautiful…almost immaculate and completely invincible because he tells you you are… every single day. You cry because you are happy and the first ‘I love you’ is such a beautiful ease when you find out he loves you too and it makes you fly without any wings.

What happens to those dinners cooked together… either eaten on the couch in front of the TV watching a movie you just picked up together from the video rental store, or having a candle light dinner as a surprise just because he felt like doing such an amazing thing? What happens to love once the other one doesn’t love anymore?

What happens to a heart… when it loses its soulmate? Does it go to sleep until he maybe comes back what obviously simply won’t happen? Or does it just break into millions of pieces knowing what it feels to get hurt and never wanting to feel such a thing again. I can’t. Not again. Not someone else. Never again.




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