the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.


Words often hurt and sting harder and deeper than a bee, they can put you into rage or set your anger free. But words can also be healing, satisfying and calming – they can help you to go on with your life and they can help you to tell someone what you really feel for him/her. Words are one of those things people use without thinking about their power and without recognizing the actual gift in having the ability to use them.

At this point my heart beats heavy and millions of words are flying around in my head and in my thoughts and actually there is only one thing I would like to point out. Words have to be used wisely. And therefore I want to wisely and officially speak out a thank you to someone who showed me that love can be real. Who showed me that I am great in everything I do and that I have to believe in myself – even though I know others do not or talk behind my back about me. So there I go – Thank you W for this love – even though it seemed to be a short event it kind of changed my life and I am happy to call you a dear friend now because you know me and you know my fears and my flaws and you never judge me.

I think I can be happy now if I move on slowly and get my act together because I have so many hopes and dreams and plans waiting for me – and therefore it means I have to work a lot, but not just on things like writing, a collection or a proper job – but also on things like my inner self, my motivations and my deepest hidden wishes and one day they’ll come true. And one day, when I am ready comes along a guy that will love me forever until I am happily ever after. But for now I am thankful for what you have given me – strength, dignity and so much love.

So everyone use your words to point out all you think – correctly, precisely and above all wisely and thoughtful. Everything you say will come back to you one day and the you will be judged and therefore you must be able to stand up tall for yourself and be proud of everything you have done and everything you have said. It is alteration time. Finally. And I grow up here. Slowly but good – just like a rose. I have thorns, but I am beautiful and strong and capable of really anything I have set in mind.

The world is mine to conquer. This life is my own show. I will get hurt but I will always stand up again to smile and to go on.



P.S. Remember the one thing that is true – you can never take back words you’ve spoken out!


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