the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

Chapter by Chapter

As people say everthing has to come to an end. Therefore, I have closed a chapter to day in order to open a new one – so ‘Flair Magazine’ turned to ‘Job Hunt’ and I find myself back on the track of living out of boxes…boxes full of little surprises that the future offers one who is open minded and wants to experience as much as possible when it comes to fashion business in order to grow up on knowledge, independence and wisdom.
Lately I have been a bit caught up in being eaten up by several private problems (well, not so private if you consider the fact that I blogged about it…nevertheless…) that changed my life radically and irrationally but I can say that I am a stronger myself now because I have decided to leave past behind and make the best out of what it has given and taught me.

This is kind of a new me here…writting chapter by chapter of my book. Chapters about growing up, being in love, being left over, leaving someone over, leaving past behind, looking forward into the future…chapters about finding the real love of my life…chapters about seeking for the best job opportunity for myself. Chapters, chapters, chapters about me and the ones I love – my friends, my family and well, myself of course.

I have realized that time always moves on without taking care about your movement and I have decided that I want to be faster as time can be – it can’t beat me, because my heart beats for something bigger than just okay – I want to be happy, successful and of course, I want to be in love – happily ever after.

So here I go writing down a new blog post, another new chapter of course and I am living it to its fullest, feeling it, loving it and bathing in its wisdom because I am young, great, talented and absolutely fabulous

Take that world.




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