the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.


Everytime a new year comes up people tend to get kind of crazy about trying to create themselves whole new lives – some with the same person on their side and some with no one (regarding freedom and the power to concentrate on new things – just like my friend K) or another beautiful accessory (just like little L) but every single year people stroll around to find something special – the perfect outfit for New Year’s Eve.
Once that moment is over and the clock strikes one past midnight every one pretends to be changing old bad habits such as smoking, talking behind other’s back, gossiping spreading rumors or other crazy things they know they never can keep.

Well, as for myself, I have spent New Year’s Eve in Munich with a couple of friends of mine – some drunk, some not – and well, yeah, it was kind of fun though I would have expected it to be different than a shopping trip, a mindless party and a lunch before the getaway. Usually I have tried not to be about partying or getting myself wasted anymore and yeah, I wasn’t the last past year with all those things my mind like my bachelor’s degree, winning some price, an internship at fashion magazine, a breakup and two heartbreaks and searching for the perfect, adequate new job, but I thought a weekend off might me back the strength I was looking for and well – it did.

I have dropped Christmas and spent it on my own – I have escaped Vienna for New Year’s Eve to be able to avoide meeting the same old faces as always before (and come back with some Burberry and Prada) – I have made myself clear to be back on track and to keep my reputation as Queen Bee of this city and so 2011 will be dramatically about Gossip. It will be mind-breaking, mind-draping and above all mind-blowing. It is about time to make Vienna a city where people love to show their real faces in hidden societies and where every intriguing situation can turn into a disastrous one – well that is what I am aiming for and I will be in between it and show when you least expect it.

And NO – that is not a promise. It’s a threat. Watch out, lean back and get highly entertained. Happy New Year.



P.S. After this year I will have finally faced out who is a friend and who I can call a foe. Watch your back because fluffy and nice is over. This year’s motto? FIERCE and CRUEL!


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