the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

Shortcut No.1

Spotted: Someone being threatened by a frustrated old lady that is actually not quite ladylike at all – J, K, M and R dining and betting but unfortunately one has to lose…but that is how the game is played – someone back to dating? – someone realizing once love is gone it does not make any sense to struggle getting it back – R creating his life to be a one man show again…seems like now or never?!

I do not quite know what has happened to me in the last couple of months but I have seemed to be going through the world with eyes as closed as an auction deal at Christie’s.

Since I have earned back my self-respect, my self-esteem and my ability to be satisfied with myself again I have realized that Vienna seems to be full or preppy, pretty and potent eligible bachelors and one (or maybe even more) are just a step away from being all mine – for one night or for the time of a life, who knows. One of the many men will be the lucky winner of a grand price called Mr.StrictlyIntimate.

That’s all…for now.



P.S. Message to a bunch of losers – u wanted to see a Mr.StrictlyIntimate takedown? Well here’s the news – cross me again and you will experience one first hand. And no, that is not a threat…it’s a promise!


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