the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

my beautiful Black Swan

Spotted: Someone being stalked by a freaky man who is told to back off a hundred times; R and M watching Black Swan and being totally inspired, fascinated and speechless; C being shocked about someone’s love life and someone waiting for the threat to come to the next round – we are still waiting to see a takedown so bring it on!

I still hold the Black Swan (a film by Darren Aronofsky) cinema program in my hands and wonder one thing – how far do people go to live their dreams and how much will they sacrifice to fight against themselves and to win in order to achieve a certain state of perfection that will satisfy them? Is having success always a battle with oneself?
As I sat there in my comfortable chair in the ‘Gartenbaukino’ with perfectly beautiful M I found myself totally fascinated by the absolutely immaculte costumes, which have been designed and created by fabulous label Rodarte. It was pure perfection what I saw there. A story so beautiful in its narration and so wisely chosen in its protagonists that I was stunned and simply shooked to my core because I found myself in love with Natalie Portman (yeah, yet again) and her true beauty. Her motions are devine and her acting is flawless.

I have decided to read the Catcher in the Rye again – I haven’t taken a look at this book since I was 15 years old and a couple of days I have realized that I might actually could need a little bit J.D. Salinger. Just for the strength, the thoughts and the self-esteem. I think it is quite reasonable in order to solve some fundamental question I have been asking myself since a couple of weeks, but I think I will tell you anyway once I am finished.

That’s all, for now. Oh, and if you see someone without an ego as huge Gucci’s last year’s earnings – that might be me, but do not bother to talk to me I am only thinking about myself. Those who think that, might not get this joke, those who know me understand completely.



P.S. If you feel like dancing then just move your body and express your feelings. Maybe to Tschaikovsky?


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