the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

cruel Intentions, crossed lines and an irrevocable takedown

What a week!
Spotted: G’s son turning crazy and into a criminal (unless having the Austrian Vega uninvitedly standing in your living room is like having family dinner). N missing for the tenth time and still being searched by the police. S waking up in a stranger’s bed after having the night of his life with king-size-man (‘It really was like ordering a king size menue @ Burger King’. quotation stop.) And R preparing a major takedown for his own cousin and for his own good – family’s got to stick together…don’t they? Well not when it comes to honour – you’re so done N. Promise.

After an eventful week full of happenings and calamities and more than one reason to hire a killer some boys and girls of Austria’s elite won’t be the same when february has arrived.
I am just on my way home from having a beautiful suhsi dinner with my wonderful KK…talking about boys, boys who want to be man, sex and the one or another family crises is what actually makes me believe and see that no matter what – the two of us will always be so strangely similar that watching the other one talk is like looking into a mirror. Same problems…same character but yet a different style of fashion or attitude towards life – what is actually the speciality factor of this relationship/friendship.

On the way home I have decided to make a stop at my beloved K’s in order to be there for her when she actually needs me the most…which obviously is right now. So the night is hers and you will have to wait for the bigger news. Sorry guys but my friends are my family.

Just a few words for the end of this post: N if u go on like this trying to ruin your family you better watch your back because I never sleep and to me honesty and loyalty for the family are tradition and if you ruin your family I am going to make your life a living hell!




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