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Well, well, well – the one thing a fashion show always shows is raw talent and sometimes you have to face the fact that some youngsters are better than infamous and known designers, but will never get a real chance to be pushed because some people believe/say the best thing to run a show is to stick to stuff people already know and well let me tell you this one thing…It definitely ain’t a true word to believe/say so!

Yesterday I attended a bridal fashion show at the Radisson blu Hotel and all of you who already know me quite well definitely know that I totally love weddings and so this eventful situation was quite a happening for me sitting in the front row right at the hem of every single dress. Right beside me, my beautiful colleague Michaela in an outfit that could have been picked by me or by the stylists of the Devil wears Prada because that was what she looked like – beautiful, sensual and so fashionable! On my other side, my blogger colleague M.Y in an outfit so divine (bought in Roma) that could have been picked right away from Italian fashion week, above all I loved his bag and his coat.

Back to topic…the show itself has been a mix of various labels and shops such as Rettl 1868, Flossmann, Pronuptia, Cinderella and Vera Dittrich. Some dresses have been a big tremendous surprise others have been more than just a big disappointment above all when you face the fact of copying Oscar de la Renta, Valentino or Christian Dior…that is not fashionable and that should not be representing Vienna’s style elite…it is lame.

Here are a few pictures:


Vera Dittrich

I totally fell in love with the dress and its beautiful, immaculate fur – though I believe no bride would wear such a thing because what fits to your every day lifestyle is hardly enough to be your perfect Vera Wang…and between the two of us (from writer to reader) I only believe in Vera Wang!

Rettl 1868 - Women

Rettl 1868 - Men

Rettl might have been the traditional Austrian Wedding fashion but honestly what I really loved was finding a jacket by Rettl afterwards that I totally fell in love with and that I am totally buying!

And here a short video of the final run by M.Y – more about this Event on his blog!

After the fashion show with its highlights and not so high lights we attented walking around looking at wedding chocolate, wedding pictures, wedding flowers and wedding clothes and all I wanted to do was to create a bridal collection and to marry– in a Vera Wang suit and once I’ll marry there will be a suit just made for me by beautiful, wonderful, perfect miss Vera Wang.

So this is it, for now and I’ll say goodbye with a perfect statement for the perfect wedding:
First there comes the perfect dress and then the perfect groom!



P.S. All pictures taken by Peter Berger for Peter Berger Fotografie- and let me tell you one thing. I took a close look at his wedding picture books and totally fell in love!

Oh and watch out for this guy – there is more to come once a special email containing very special pictures will see the light of day on this blog.


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