the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

Love Stories…

In every century there are great love stories…in every history there are even greater writers creating those. They touch our hearts, they make us feel and the let us cry over joy, over loss, over fantasising that true love is there worth waiting for.

Centuries fade irrevocably…histories change undeniably…societies develope differently…but the only thing that seems to be surviving wars, death, poverty, fear, anxiety and grief are stories about love like Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde or Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy. It seems to be love is the only thing that remains unbeatable throughout centuries, history and throughout all the tragical, drastical movements, changings and developments the world faces every single day.

And that is acutally the major issue in all our problems. Love is something society puts inside our heads with all their great stories of people who fight every single fight for love with all their strength and all their power and all their so-called might, but what society is not really telling you is that most of those great, great love stories all end the same (except for Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy) – in a calamity, in broken hearts and in millions of tears. Romeo and Juliet die. And so do Tristan and Isolde. Without each other. Then, we have to realize that everything we will do in our lives connected with love is suffer. That is the only actual thing love is good for. Seperating the strong ones from the weak ones.
Those who are strong will survive the struggle and the pain of love and losing it, keeping on living and fighting for their own dreams, realizing everything only works out if you rely on the only person you can really trust – yourself! Those who are weak have to face the fact that life is not about being happily in love forever and ever, but about living and breathing and enjoying every single second of this life – even if it is alone or with someone at your side, temporarily. Nothing is meant to last forever anymore. The spirit of a love being so strong to last entirely until the end of times is dead. Just like true love is.

So when it comes down to being realistic all we seem to be…is human. And humans obviously do have flaws – the biggest one, believing in love. And even though I know that my irrational, realistic brain is telling me to not believe in love anymore there is a part inside me that still believes. But gives up every single day a bit more on the thought of being with a man truly in love with me, who Ican be truly in love with.

Fact is…love is dead. But what if…what if…what if…it isn’t?

Thank God Valentine’s Day is over!



P.S. Still if we are afraid of falling in love isn’t there something inside ourselves that keeps the faith in love alive?! Aren’t we all longing for a love to leave the loved ones for, a love to cross oceans for, a love to paint skies colourful for, a love to give up all the doubts for? Aren’t we all looking for that one special person looking you in the eye saying ‘I am madly, deeply, truly, passionately in love with you? Aren’t we? I am.



  vinay wrote @

These are really very great Love Stories. I really appreciated your site and the variety and style of love stories.

[…] One of the many myths of life besides the sense of our being, the existence of extraterrestrial life or the way in which the universe makes us find and lose stuff so ridiculously fast is for sure one thing that can be reduced to the simplicity of one single word while still harboring all the complexities of the unknown lifetime of our dimension… LOVE. (I will promise this time I am trying not to be so negative here but approaching the many views of people around me – those who love, those who have loved, those who have lost love and of course those who will never give up facing every fight for love.) […]

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