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Smile and say Goodbye to Lullabies

Avril Lavigne - Goodbye Lullaby

Well, well, well… I definitely do think (after a bottle of red wine and a big pile of Vogue) that it is time to write about something that catches me right now. I have just purchase the new Avril Lavigne Album – Goodbye Lullaby (Deluxe Edition) on iTunes and well yeah I am so happy. It just makes me feel happy and makes me smile and let me tell you one thing… it is great. It rocks. It makes one sentimental. It makes one see love. It makes one want to shake and dance and get up to get dressed up and go out. It is simply the perfect album I have been waiting for so long. It is her best and if that is what she came up with after three records and 30 millions sold LP’s there is definitely more than good to come up in future.

Avril Lavigne – Goodbye Lullaby (Deluxe Edition)

1 Black Star
2 What The Hell
3 Push
4 Wish You Were Here
5 Smile
6 Stop Standing Here
7 I Love You
8 Everybody Hurts
9 Not Enough
10 4 Real
11 Darlin’
12 Remember When
13 Goodbye
14 Alice (Extended Version)
15 What The Hell (Acoustic Version)
16 Push (Acoustic Version)
17 Wish You Were Here (Acoustic Version)
18 Bad Reputation
19 What The Hell (Remix)

Buy it and love it. Above all I love this particular song, that makes me just smile and I do believe that it is supposed to! It is great. It is lovely. It is motivating. It is inspiring. It is Avril! Check out the single Smile!

Love you all


P.S.: You know that I’m a crazy bitch – I do what I want when I feel like it – I just want to lose control!

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