the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

Fashion is…

Fashion is not ‘just’ defined by what people are wearing on the street or by models walking down the magic runways around the globe wearing the newest Couture of Christian Dior, Lanvin, Oscar de la Renta and Co or by what the lens of a photographer focuses on while doing a shooting that will be featured in the next issue of your favorite fashion magazine… it is an instant language of understanding the variety of cultural aspects, traditional influences and sources of inspiration designers are connected with while bringing a new creating from mind to life.

Fashion is, beyond its mistaken connotation to shallowness and superficiality, a communicational process using non-verbal media to transport certain messages, thoughts, moods, opinions and inner motivations. It is one of the most complex and most misinterpreted languages existing as we often face ourselves looking at a certain collection and not realizing, which kind of message or feeling the designer wants to transport to our brains, to our minds and to our fashion understanding. At these certain points fashion is the only language that does not have any dictionary to use in order to prevent ourselves from misinterpreting, misspelling, misapprehending, misconceiving, misconstruing and simply misunderstanding.

Fashion is about emotions… about having a feeling for the Zeitgeist, for contemporary happenings that influence it in its special, lasting way. It is about feeling anything from anger to love to happiness (as simple these emotions might sounds as hard they are to express properly) to heartbreaking sadness and being able to apply it on clothing transporting these peculiar feelings to the audience, letting it come close to the frontier where superficiality meets scratching the human surface to dig deeper into its core and soul to understand the deeper meaning of a creation, because these creations, might they be an expensive, richely embellished evening Couture gown or a simple sleeveless A-Line cotton dress with a ribbon to bring it closer to the human body, to play with its forms, they always come from a designers heart, the part where every collection finds its start and its ending.

Fashion is neither shallow nor easy, neither superficial nor one dimensional – Fashion is the best that has ever happened to us! It is great, beautiful, bold, immaculate, infinite, irrational, elegant, pure, funny, sassy, sexy, sporty… it is everything at any time you want it to. Love it and surround yourself with it. Every single minute of this life. Fashion is life. It breathes life into anyone of us and is able to make us feel beautiful, self-confident and strong. Be that! Show it.




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