the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

a Minute to Japan…

In order of Japan’s momentary situation I will not write about fashion or love or anything that hurts me at the moment because I do think that the people of Japan are more hurt than I could ever be. As a cause of mother nature’s power men, women and children did not only lose their homes and shelters, they have also lost themselves in the struggle of fighting to survive and I do think it is on us now to give them back faith, belief and strength. It is on us to show them that they are not alone and that we definitely do care for them.

Therefore, I will shut every sound for one minute now to think of all the victims and I want to ask (or more to beg you) to please help Japan by donating what you can give in order to make their lives a little bit less miserable and a little bit more full of love and awareness, that we are out there thinking of them and reaching out or helping hands.

God save you all. In thoughts we are with you…in minds we can feel you…in hearts we will always be there for you.




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