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Vienna Awards for Fashion and Lifestyle 2011 – what a Show!

What an event…so many beautiful people, so many brilliant designers, so many witty bloggers and so many outfits to love and to hate. The Vienna Award for Fashion and Lifestyle 2011 (which is a promoted event by beautiful lady Marjan Firouz) has been a great, exciting and fashionable event. As I dressed up in my perfect Gala outfit and put on the last finish of my makeup, I always reminded myself of not forgeting either the invitation nor my hankerchiefs for I have been quite sick but thank God that was something no one noticed.
As I entered the location – MQ Halle E (Museumsquartier) – it was about time to put on my perfect smile and to greet those I knew giving out compliments, receiving some and entering the whole scene while being brought to my table, which was right at the runway having the perfect look on the hostess Sonja Kraus and on the collection presentations by Doychinoff, Goldwell (Hairtrends 2011) and Tiberius (wonderful, handsome looking Marcos Valenzuela).

After looking into various cameras being photgraphed and asked for some interviews, I shortly visited the blogger table to greet my beautiful blogger colleagues who looked stunningley beautiful all dressed up in love for fashion. Then it was time to find myself at my table talking to nominated stylist Thomas Reinberger, who was seated (with me) right at the Making Of table. Martina Cerny, who is one of the CEO’s of Making Of Agency, was looking absolutely gorgeous in a white Tiberius jumpsuit and a marvellous hat. Right after the steak has been served it was about time to start the show.

The first fashion show was the latest collection of nominated label Doychinoff by Maria Doychinova, which was a beautiful collection fluent in fabrics and dark in colours as black and grey with white contrasts. The cuts have been very sensitive and special, looking quite complicated and detailed.


Right after the first show the first four awards have been presented:

Accessoires Designer (Laudatory: Mag. Herwig Erlacher, Brandmanager Fossil Austria)
Julia Cranz
Nina Peter

Photographer (Laudatory: Reinhold Gmeinbauer, CEO ‘Die Presse’)
Jork Weismann
Maria Ziegelböck
Michael Dürr

Special Award: Model (Laudatory: Lydia Obute – Winner of Austria’s Next Topmodel 2011)
Patrick Kafka

Hair Stylist (Laudatory: Wolfgang Eder, Bundesinnungsmeister der Friseure)
Alexander Moser
Bertram Kainzner
Hannes Steinmetz

The second fashion show followed right after the award for hair stylist 2011 has been presented by Goldwell, who showed the newest and freshest hair trends with the motto: Rock´n`Roll can never die with the new interpreted Glam of the 80’s.

Goldwell: Glam of the 80's


Makeup Artist (Laudatory: Katja Eiblmayer, LA Star Cosmetics)
Anna Prokop
Christine Sutterlüty
Thomas Lorenz

Designer Branding (Laudatory: Heidrun Pirch, Fashion Director Humanic)
Gebrüder Stitch

Stylist (Laudatory: Mario Soldo, Mother Agency)
Britta Burger
Thomas Reinberger
Yoan Gonfond

Special Award: Tribute to Fashion & Lifestyle (Laudatory: Karl Hohenlohe, Columnist Kurier, Publisher ‘Gault Millau’)

The third and last show has been shown by Tiberius, who isn’t just a wonderful kind of guy, but also a great designer, that I can look up to. The collection has been full of romantic cuts in dresses, coats, trousers and shirts, beautiful printings and great dark colours.



Fashion- and Lifestyle-Journalist (Laudatory: Dr. Andreas Mailath-Pokorny, Council for culture and science)
Hans Stephan Grasser
Stephan Hilpold

Special Award: WKO Go International (Laudatory: Mag. Karl Hartler, Eonomic Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry Austria)
Peter Pilotto

Designer (Laudatory: Catherine Grandjean, Internation PR Manager Wolford)
Claudia Brandmair
Maria Doychinva
Eva Poleschinski

Special Award: Style Icon (Laudatory: Gery Keszler, Organiser of the Life Ball)
Tatjana Patitz

All in all the event has been a great opportunity for networking and communicating, for being fashionable and for looking at beautifully stunning people as well as horribly patterned dresses. But what would a fashion party be without some fashion disasters.

The best things in life are fashion, fashion and oh yes… fashion!




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