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Ash to Ash – Dust to Dust by [ep_anoui]

In this society the only things that truly count are those you can believe in, those you can trust in and those you can find strength in. A lot of people (especially these days) pray to a certain God, Godess or Spirit they believe in, in order to get calmed down, to gain new strength and to keep on believing in all the good that annihilates all the evil in this world. For some it works. For some it doesn’t. But whether we agree to believe in a certain spirit or to point out that we don’t believe in anything that can’t be defined scientifically, there is always one thing existing in every single one of us – the question whether to or not to believe. Whether to or not to be religious. Whether to or not to pray to an invisibile spirit of any kind or age or power.

Eva Poleschinski – one of the few seriously rising stars in Vienna’s fashion industry – deals exactly with this subject of religion in her new collection ‘Ash to Ash – Dust to Dust’, which is her Spring/Summer collection for 2011. Basically this collection shows [ep_anoui]‘s point of view interpreting the five world religions on her own way using not only her skills for designing details and with a distinctive sensitivity but also using her inner voice to unite these different religions in their main core of believing in something that gives you strength, that makes you proud and that makes you feel special.

Her designs grew up with her achieving more knowledge, more routine and wisdome within her years of designing. So her range of clothing extended with her character being capable and strong of further development and making the step from being a women’s designer only into creating clothing for men now, which was totally perfect in time. So her new collection not only surrounds the development of beautiful dresses (not only dresses, of course) for women but also trousers, shirts and more for men.

In ‘Ash to Ash – Dust to Dust’ the basic colour is white, which is a symbol for innocence, but also can be interpreted as the source of derivation, where everyone is the same because of breathing the same air and sharing the same colour of blood. Each signal colour used in this beautifully handcrafted collection is connectable to another religion, representing it in between the whole concept. So there is white for equality and a signal colour for every religion signifying indepedence, idiosyncarsy and complexity.

The specially designed and handcrafted sequined garmant, which is refined in certain technique of smelting shows a synergy of symbolism in all religions. The designer and founder of [ep_anoui] Eva Poleschinski told me that she assimilated real animal bones to create those special and unique accessories, which complete the collection in a perfect kind of way.

Designer’s Portrait by Sandra Keplinger
[ep_anoui] by Eva Poleschinski – S/S11 Lookbook “ash to ash- dust to dust”

Photographer: Julia Spicker
Concept: Kosmas Pavlos
Hair & Make Up: Patrick Glatthaar, Steffi Lamm
Models: Beate Barton, Belinda Hirt, Constanze Neher, Ilvie Wittek, Jochen Peroutka, Jörg Peroutka, Lara Marchetti [all Models from the Agency Wiener Models]

Photography Assistent: Sebastian Lager
Styling Assistents: Mario Paternoß, Sacha Hitner
Hair&Make Up Assistent: Klara Gruber

Partners: Hofer Hecht Embroideries, Rental Studio, Shoetation, Wiener Models

Whether you are religious or not. Whether you believe in God, Allah, a certain Godess or an innominate spirit. This collection has something special for everyone because it is not just about the thoughts , inspirations and moods… it is about love for fashion and it is about creating something beautiful that has to belong to your wardrobe. Just because it makes it perfect.




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