the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

Back for Good – Sex, Sin and Lust

Well, well, well…a lot of time went by since I have written my last post. Actually it seems like I haven’t written in ages, but to be completely honest, on one side I have been so busy that the only keys I have been hitting have been those of my beloved BlackBerry (did not even touch a man – swear to God!) to answer my Emails, missed calls and be updated with my Meeting schedule and on the other side I was in some kind of crisis – some emotional crap going on inside of me until I have finally decided to keep emotions out of my range concentrating on fashion, fashion and oh yeah…almost forgot… FASHION! Yes everybody, I am definitely a damn hard working business man – but always dressed absolutely fabulous, that one thing is for sure, as you all will know, when you really know me.

Some things have been up the last past days such as people hooking up with others they shouldn’t have (na-ah not talkin’ about myself, I am as innocent as a newborn child); an asshole kind of a colleague being threatend by M, S, C and R (damn u untalented fucker – who the hell do u think u r?…got it right…me talking slang isn’t the best thing to do so I am going to stop it); R cleaning up the mess he created himself and looking slightly surprised by the view of a cool, calm, clear environment; endings, beginnings and total failures came up when R takes a step into the new flat of his baby sister (oh gosh they grow up so fast!) and gets reminded of old days when singles where his worst enemies…well, until he turned to get back to the darker, peccant side of life…full of sex, sins and lust.

So far so good. On Saturday a lot of events will take place: Blogger Lunch, CD Release and a collection presentation of a brand new label – but more of that once Saturday night turns into Sunday morning. A until that day arrives, here comes a little inspiration and mood enhancer for you, my dear readers.

All my fucking love



P.S. Fuck hard but Party even harder!


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