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Agent Provocateur: For Your Eyes Only!

So here I am, on a beautifully perfect sunny friday sitting at Starbucks, drinking my daily dose of coffee while waiting for my sister to arrive to – and here are you guessing what – drink another cup of coffee. After being at the Mac Shop to fix a program I have bought for more than three hundred bucks, which is – tatatada – not working… I have come to terms with myself to calm my soul with a steaming hot Starbucks.
While everything I do is based on the motto of being either fashionably brilliant or fashionably fashionable (ha! that’s a combination isn’t it?!) I am motivated to write about the newest and hottest of accessories for facing hot and sunny summer – Agent Provocateurs Debut Eyewear Collection for Spring/Summer 2011.

This sassy collection – which was originated in collaboration with Linda Farrow, whose shades have been sexy, irresistible and so much in fashion since I am in fashion – contains ten pair of sunglasses. and seven pair of optical glasses!
Agent Provocateur in general approaches women who are aware and self-conscious about their bodies; self-confident while standing in the middle of their environment all eyes on her, because she is wearing something other women would never consider or approve of; real – because she is who she wants to be; desirable – because she knows her body and knows how to use it to feel perfect and to seduce whomever she wants to seduce; fierce – because she is a tough business woman who still can show feelings but plays hard! Be aware Ladies and Gentlemen!

These shades are nothing for the mouses, the anxious, the insecure, the weaks – they are fierce, they are sexy, they are sassy – they are a Statement of Fashion Knowledge and Dare!


Like the perfect command to her lover, these shades are not just fierce but have a very girly touch of romanticism, which I absolutely adore about them! These cat-eye shaped shades are made of acetate and their sidepiece is slightly curved.
Beyond are the two available color options – either black with a very gentle rose bow; in tortoiseshell with a golden bow; and in dusky pink with a nickel bow.


Like the rush of blood to the head sitting in a roller coaster that turns you upside down, these shades are playful but yet fierce in their attitude because of their extremely cat-eye shaped appeal. These shades, with fine and specially made details in metal rope optic, come in four different kind of colors: Black frames with pink sidepieces; tortoiseshell with see-through glasses, green-gray frames with see-through glasses and see-through frames with black lace print details and gold colored accents.


Like the perfect demand of a true diva to pay attention on her, these shades sparkle like a true Hollywood Star with surprising and beautiful details on the frame and the sidepieces. Available in 4 different colors – black frame with pink sidepieces, tortoiseshell, burgundy and in classic, timeless and elegant black.


Like the lascivious look of a confident, sexy woman taking her right to seduce a man with her very own weapons, these shades are significantly shining in bright simplicity with a simply beautiful detail that catches your attention and takes your breath away, just like she does. These acetate shades come in three different colors to perfection your outfit and your raw sexy attitude.


Like a fierce, tough leather studded lady riding her very own bike, these shades are strong and unbreakable – just like a woman’s bond to her sense of style and fashion understanding. These Aviator sunglasses are made of acetate including leather and metal details to strengthen the look and to fit to the perfect laid down biker clothes – available in three colors.

Whether you are bold or brave or beautiful, one of these shades will definitely fit you, if you are a strong, confident woman!

Have fun with fashion. Love it, desire it and wear it as if it were a piece of your soul!
I wish you a beautiful, sunny, warm and fresh friday evening!




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