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a little Change – a little Piece of Mind

As I might have promised Saturday was one sinful and fashionable night! OMG Society didn’t just welcome guests like Alfons Haider, and Gery Keszler, but also both designers of DSquared Dean and Dan were visiting Team X and its beautiful, dressed up and animalistic guests! Though one of my enemy – an actual copycat of my Blog called ML – who is nothing but a zero and the number one on the worst dressed list, even though he believes himself to be oh so damn fine, I did enjoy the evening because of my friends and a wonderful, relaxing conversation with monsieur F.

I can’t believe it, but OMG really rocked my world and changed my point of view on fashion a little bit. I indeed did expand my horizon and went from Blair Waldorf’s Park Avenue chic to Jennifer Humphrey’s Stylish, elegant Punk look. In the beginning it was quite weird to leave my tie at home, but in the end it turned out to be an adventure, a fresh experience and above all a new way of finding a new facet of myself – one of those facets I am still trying to figure out, because I do believe that there are pieces inside of us, that will never meet the daylight if we do not dig deep down to discovering these and setting them free. And there was me in a whole new picture, and a whole new frame.

Nevertheless, the weekend is over and once the party tunes faded we have to find ourselves back in reality struggling with every complicated phase of life – trying to stay on track – trying to be ourselves – trying to find new adventures and hidden secrets and ways to become who we ever wanted to be. So there we are… on this way, mostly all by ourselves, because no one can take away your personal problems or your doubts or your evanescent self-believe. It is you in the mirror when you are dressed up getting ready for a new day. A new defiance. A new enemy or a new friend.

Whatever it is, that is waiting out there for everyone of us – it is far bigger than we might ever expect, but isn’t this exactly what keeps us alive? Not knowing what is out there – what kind of surprise the world is hiding from us to be discovered, experienced and above all – lived, breathed and felt?

I live you – I breathe you – I feel you. Thanks for reading my blog, being my support and above all thanks for forming an important part of my personal Meaning of Life.

I love you all – the lovers, the haters, the anxious, the brave – everyone of you, my dear, wonderful readers.



P.S. What do you say? Do you like the outfit and the development of my style that seems to be going on?


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  Mike York wrote @

I enjoy reading u’re blog, it’s great.

I would like the outfit more if the AND_I mask would be black!


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