the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

Paris Septembre 2010: la Genèse et la Mode et la Passion

I have to admit that this Tuesday somehow was quite a depressive day for myself – I do not know how I dropped into such a black hole but all of a sudden I felt kind of empty inside and I wasn’t able to do anything productive at all. So I left the office quite early to just find myself on my chaise thinking about life and all I want to do in the future but I could not get my mind off thinking I am a big failure. What is it with us human beings that no matter how much we have there is still some more to desire, to achieve, to want – desperately?! What is it inside of us that makes us go mad sometimes, losing our mind and making us feel so much smaller than already in this big old world?

In the middle of thinking and trying to get my mind off my personal problems for several minutes I decided to go through my work of Photo Shootings and I came across one that I have produced last year in Paris with wonderful photographer Nicolas Guérin, which I haven’t published yet. Well, that made me think – you – my dear readers, might be interested in a little bit of fashion from my heart. The Vogue dream still lives on inside of me and therefore, I have to share it after re-organizing my collection of Vogue and kind of regaining my strength in all the beautiful ad campaigns and Vogue editorials.

La Genèse

Photographer: Nicolas Guérin
Production: Robert RJ Schermann, BA

Styling: Robert RJ Schermann, BA
Hair: Miha Oshima
Makeup: Aya Fujita

Female Model: Natalie White
Male Model: Martin Angerbauer

So tell me – do you like the Shooting? The black side of Genesis?




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love it!!!!!

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