the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

the Icon: Kate Moss – French Vogue Mai 2011 (No 917)

There are a lot of things about fashion I truly love:

– when pure silk meets your skin and makes you feel heavenly touched.
– when you put on a shirt, a dress or a jacket and just feel like you can conquer the world in it.
– when watching a fashion show gives me chills because of the beauty of a collection (I actually cried once at a Salvatore Ferragamo show two years ago!).
– when I open up a fashion magazine and see a shooting that is put together with so much love that you can almost feel it.
– when someone walks by and you just have to stop and stare because the outfit stuns you in every possible way.
– when you wake up in the morning and you get up happily because you know you get the chance to dress up.
– when applying accessories and suddenly realizing that an outfit happens to be complete in every way.
– when watching other people look at fashion like it is the most exciting, most special and most beautiful thing the human being has ever learned to create.

These and many other reasons are crucial to explaining why I love what I surround myself with every single day, 24/7.
When it comes to buying a magazine and just concentrating on flipping through the pages, looking at every single page and every beautifully and precisely attached detail I always have to stop and breathe hard when I see certain models that aren’t just a simple inspiration sometimes but that happen to be beautiful, confident business women that do not just rely on their beauty but on what they radiate – strength, sex and confidence. Just the way Kate Moss does.

Haute Couture is something that fits Kate perfectly – not just because she is one of the last remaining super models in this business who happen to have a natural sense for style and an obvious interest in fashion, but because she has a look that stuns, that hypnotizes and that leaves you with wanting more. The following shooting was featured in the latest issue of French Vogue – May 2011 Number 917.

Haute Couture, été 2011


Photography by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott
Realisation by Emmanuelle Alt
Assistance: Célia Azoulay

Model: Kate Moss

Hair: Paul Hanlon
Make Up: Charlotte Tilbury
Manicure: Lorraine Griffin

Production: Lalaland

So – do you like this shooting avec beautiful Kate Moss?
Well, I definitely do!

Love fashion and have fun with it my dear readers.




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