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Viva Forever: the Power of being Yourself!

I am in the middle of what I would call a Spice Girls revival – in my head and on my MacBook everything that makes a sound is like an homage to the 90’s back when Geri, Mel B, Mel C, Emma and Victoria where the greatest female artists in the world – nut just for myself but for a crowd of millions of girls and boys (mostly gays) and still they are like heros for me. What they have achieved in a world where men always lead the way was not just an inspirations for all those girls but still is for hundreds of artists in the growing.

This is the perfect song to say goodbye to a nice weekend with my best friend K who did not just invite me to take part in a great trip to the Austrian Shoe Museum but also gave me the chance to meet a group of new wonderful people from Berlin who are sassy, sexy and cool – my girls you know I speak of you!
Yesterday the group of us – including K’s absolutely perfect boyfriend W who gets along with every one of us more than a boyfriend actually could be expected to (thanks to making such a great choice K!) – was invited to attend the annual Shoemaker’s Ball and it was a great experience coming to terms with meeting myself a little bit more closely in realizing that I am actually not the typical gay as everyone would describe it. Even though you can see the pink aura from a million miles away when I walk past you there is still a big male factor in moi (saying ‘moi’ sounds actually quite gay when I think about it more precisely).

When I was sitting with W in the smoking lounge – smoking our cigars, talking to him – man on man I have realized that I am not just gay. I am a man and that is what I stand for. So do not try to talk me over by saying I’m girlish because I am definitely not! I am a man and I love to be a man – and that is why I can handle a friendship to straight guys better than I could ever do with a gay guy. It disgusts me to see them playing a role of what they think they should be instead of simply being who they are.

Something that I have learned while listening to the Spice Girls – even though their main message might be ‘Girl Power’ this message perfectly fits into our society and our culture that is developing steadily and rapidly. It is not just about girl power or gay power… it is about POWER after all – the power to stand up and speak for yourself, the power to be who you really are (even then when others look at you and might laugh – happens to me often, believe me), the power of waking up in the morning and feeling happy being alive, the power of looking into a mirror and seeing yourself and not a facade, the power of being independent because no one owns your heart but yourself, the power of conquering the world in your own shoes and writing your own story!

That’s their message and that is how I am going to start in a whole new week! A new state of mind – a new state of grace – and above all a renewed will to write my own big, slashing, fucking awesome story!



Viva forever, I’ll be waiting
Everlasting, like the sun
Live forever,
For the moment
Ever searching for the one.
[Lyrics by Spice Girls – Viva Forever]


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