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People come, People go: Friendship at a constant rate

In life people come and people go…some people arrive and leave without a big bash or any actual recognition while some others arrive and disappear with leaving traces upon you – traces of love, traces of sadness, traces of beautiful memories. And sometimes there are people in your life that appear all of a sudden and leave…but only leave in certain areas and environments but stay within the borders of your life because there are traces left, that developed throughout working together…traces that simply could be defined as a word as meaningful as love, hate, war and peace – FRIENDSHIP.

Therefore, I want to dedicate this special article to a guy called S whom recently left C, M and Me in an area that we would limit to call working space but gave us something brilliant in what comes to me as a term called friendship. I have never met someone as honest and straight forward as S. He did not lie because when he opened his mouth to speak you could have sworn that he just said what was on his mind and therefore I do not simply want to thank him for always being honest and sincere no matter what but also say thank you for giving the three of us the brilliant and remarkable opportunity to become acquainted with you and to maybe keep you as long as a lifetime as a dear and important friend.

Even though we might be hurt right now (all three of us and here I am in thought with u my dear M and C!) times get better – when the going gets rough make yourself aware that life gets better and everything happens for a reason. Everybody hurts sometimes – sometimes a little too much but well it gets better. I promise.

Natasha Bedingfield – Little Too Much (from the new Album Strip Me Away)

I won’t say goodbye because we will see each other again – this I know for sure. But still I will miss talking about anything without ever crossing any boarders, jokes about You-Know-Who, the dark humor we shared, sex-talk without blushing for shame, the sharp comments that come out of a sudden when least expecting it (like ‘if you drape something does that make you a draper or D-Raper?’ – ‘you are more like a musical-drama but he is like a soccer-hooligan-drama’ and classic but still catchy ‘I’ll break ur face’) and the way you dress and me making funny comments about it. We had a blast – the four of us! But you know…love mostly has an expiration date – true friendship will always be at a constant rate.

You are a genius Mr. S!





  Steve wrote @

ihr fehlts mir jetzt schon :/

und dein Schreibstil is wieder mal unübertroffen.. da muss sogar ich fast weinen 😦

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

Well – the hands write what the heart says!

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