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Simon Quendler: Secessio Plebis (Outburst) – soulful Art

Art, as we all know it is something always looked at in a subjective manner driven by the forces of educational background, knowledge, social background, understanding and personal taste (which mostly is influenced by a certain social influence throughout our years of growing up and learning to form an opinion on something).
When it comes to comparing artists, their styles, their different techniques and their art pieces everyone picks their favorite influenced by personal taste (mostly) instead of a certain comparison of techniques, materials used, styles applied or history behind.

My personal favorites, for example, are Gustav Klimt, Frida Kahlo and H. R. Giger – three artists that couldn’t be any different in styles and history and approach to art but still they share one special thing – a force of love and passion for the arts and for expressing themselves, their innermost in their art pieces. Just like someone I would love to introduce to you – an artist so honest, real and visionary that I couldn’t do anything else but write about him…Simon Quendler. A young, aspiring and talented artist, painter and creative head whose latest vernissage, which took place on Thursday 19th did not just catch my interest in every possible way, but also made me think a little bit more about art and its various, different and similar approaches and perspectives.

Born in Carinthia, Simon Quendler is working as a free artist in Vienna since a couple of years. In his art and in his process of creating marvelous and personal art pieces he engages with the neoplasia of the room as well as the destruction and the neoformation of expanding but elusive Euclidean spaces, which lead to an diversification of cognition aroused by interaction, cerebral crushing and compression as well as expansion.

Secessio Plebis, his latest exhibition occupies with a structural extract of the space-body conception. The space therefore illustrates a non-static defined construction of body and mind, which is either permanently conscious or unconscious by its observer or its environment. The consciousness of an infinity of spaces in and around an observer leads to a mental, cultural and social-cognitive deconstruction of frontiers and further leads to a divination of divinity.

In his art you can see love for details – a distinctive propensity to revealing a certain emotional facet of his innermost. When I stood in front of those pictures I did not just see a painting or textures or a particular style of drawing/painting – I saw an indescribable emotional range of colors expressing feelings, moods and upmost reality. There were certain paintings I couldn’t take my eyes off because they were hypnotizing me, pulling me into their core, trying to make me understand the artist and his declarations. As someone with a background in studying history of art I have a certain motive in observing not just art but the artist himself who, apart from the obvious, is a multifarious personality that has even much more to show than we might have seen by now.

As you can see, the art I have shown you is a very profound and honest one which interferes with both reality and surreality, the obvious and the hidden, the body and the mind. If these pictures caught your attention (and I am actually quite sure that they have) then I would suggest visiting the exhibition which is accessible until May 27th.

Secessio Plebis (Outburst)
by Simon Quendler
Thursday May 19th to Friday May 27th

Projektraum Sonnensegel
Preßgasse 28, 1040 Vienna, Austria

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday 2pm to 7pm

Have a lot of fun and never forget that the arts open up the mind and expand the horizon to be more susceptible for the beauty of this life, of yourself and of your environment – every little piece of life inside you and around you!




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beautiful work

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