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Modepalast 2011 or pretty, pretty… PLEASE?!

Rumor has it that Vienna is a fashionable place – well, that rumor obviously isn’t true…

The last weekend was all about an event called Modepalast in Vienna’s famous MAK – Museum of the Applied Arts, which takes place every year and is supposed to be a bit of a fashionable event… well, supposed but actually not at all. When K and I dressed up in some kind of evening gala couture to attend the big opening of the Modepalast – K in a perfectly Alexander McQueen styled dress (and she looked as bit of a stunning model as freshly taken off the stage at an actual AMQ fashion show) and me in a silk Petar Petrov jacket combined to my most expensive bow tie and the most beautiful black vintage bag I own… and as we arrived surprise surprise almost everyone looked as odd as a fucking KIK ad campaign with Verona Poth.

People in Flip Flops chewing gum with their mouths wide open just like a definitely un-lady-like woman who stood right beside my dear K and freaked the hell out of her with her missing attitude and above all with her missing manners! Shut your mouth and lock yourself up at home antisocial woman with little self-respect!

As we stood there, after I kissed everyone I actually knew (above all my blogger colleagues who looked really beautiful, bold and stunning – at least some know how to apply real style!) we started to see a show that simply must have been some kind of bad joke! I felt like being in Donauzentrum waiting for heavy weight, old models to arrive, shaking their asses on – what is supposed to be a runway – doing funny facial expressions and the weirdest runway walks one could ever have sporting fashion no one in his or her right mind would even touch…
After five minutes of that show, which is easily called to be a complete catastrophe we – K and I – decided to walk around a little bit to examine some of the exhibitor’s collections and well… there wasn’t much to see that either didn’t hurt the eye or that wasn’t there already (mostly even better manufactured). But still a few Designer did catch my interest and my critical attention:


Beautiful fashion on a natural basis – someone is loving mother earth here – but not in a dirty, we are too good to dress up hippie way, but in a fashion unites the world and even though you love your environment you still can look freaking smoking hot in whatever you wear kind of manner – dear Julia Scharl…I love you for that attitude!

Number 2: Two T’s

The Two T’s do not just stand for the names of both designers Vered Tenner and Liesa Takagi, but also for the countries they unite besides Vienna – Tokyo and Tel Aviv. As for me I can definitely say that T and T also send for Trend and Trend-setting. Their fabulous collar collection gives accessories a new touch from going away to simply being something to add to an outfit, but being something completing your look and making you appear more sophisticated, more fashionable and above all more floating with the Zeitgeist.

Number 3: Katharina Schmid

Let us face it – jewelry still is something every beautiful woman needs to appear even more beautiful and to stand apart from all the other rich, dumb and blonde women spending their daddies’ and old husbands’ money but what about those that can’t afford buying a Tiffany&Co rock the size of a car every single day? Well those who can’t do that mostly do have the better style because they learn how to get along with what they have and are proud of it – for being more proud and more beautiful and more special Katharina Schmid developed beautiful jewelry like her collection ‘Forget me knot‘ that isn’t just a wonderful connection to the beautiful and romantic flower Forget-Me-Not but also a symbol of love.

Well – these three pretty nice and above all pretty talented designers stood more than just apart from the crowd of pretty average and pretty boring. Well done ladies.

And for the brighter future of Vienna’s style and fashion elite let me tell you one thing – I want some more pretty, pretty…PLEASE!!!




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