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Pretty Little Liars: Season 2 – The Premiere

Guess what I am up for tonight?! After reading the books by Sara Shepard and watching the Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family in its first season it is absolutely clear to me that tonight I am watching the premiere of the second season on ABC Family!

This is what lovers of Gossip Girl watch when they need a little horror thrill but still with a fashionable and fresh view. Above all I am so looking forward to see Spencer more often with her gorgeous face and her unbelievably perfect sense for fashion – sharp girl… you won’t let ‘A’ ruin your preppy life, won’t you?!

Watch out for this my beautiful readers – maybe one day you will have an ‘A’ messing with your live calling you little bitches. Who knows?! In times like these everything is possible.

For now, all the best little bitches!

XO – Mr.StrictlyIntimate

P.S. Can you really keep all your secrets to yourself? Well, I doubt that and I will promise to prove you are so wrong. XO


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