the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

En route to Make-up Heaven: what mist Stockholm, Chanel and Harry Potter have in common (a little hint: it’s ME!)

mist Stockholm cosmetics logo

Spotted: K on a super high at University (go for it girl!), R sporting way to much clothing for such a wonderful weather (but who believes in weather apps has to learn his lesson anyway) and buying too much books again, Mr_SI meeting his blogger colleagues at a shop opening – Vicky wearing the number one outfit of the day looking stunningly beautiful stealing everyone’s spotlight (well except for mine of course – after all, I am paying a fucking fortune for a spotlight to shine exclusively on me 24/7 reflecting my perfectly shaved head!) and Anna sporting a sparkling, glittering, sequined Chanel shopper I would have grabbed instantly if no one would have been looking (and hey, whoever says ‘stealing is a crime, hasn’t seen that Chanel bag in real life yet!).

sequined Chanel Shopper

None the less, I already said that I attended a shop opening with a lot of my blogger colleagues and of course my best friend K – cosmetic company mist Stockholm opened its non-revolving doors for the first time in beautiful Vienna (in Kaiserstraße 8, 1070 Vienna) and invited us to take a sneak peak into the wonderful world of the bright and the glittering world I simply limit to call makeup heaven!

mist Stockholm Shop Image 1

mist Stockholm Shop Image 2

mist Stockholm Shop Image 3

Between all those beautifully bright colors; the fresh shades and all the glitter that definitely should meet a pretty girl’s eyes you are able to find smooth foundations; silky and soft lip balm in a great range of colors and nuances; glamorous and marvelous nail polishes and of course all the important accessories a perfectly equipped makeup fanatic needs – from eyelash curlers to makeup brushes of every possible kind and shape (for the eyes, for the foundations, for the lips, for the rouge, for the blush – they all are different. Never forget that!).

Glimmer Diva Star

Glimmer Diva Star

Super Silk Foundation Yamit

Super Silk Foundation Yamit

Eyeshadow Vibration Surprise

Eyeshadow Vibration Surprise



Eyelash Curler

Eyelash Curler

The label itself originated in Sweden and was found by Shaul Moalem who works as a makeup artist in this industry since twenty-four years now. The term mist isn’t just an abbreviation for Make-up Institute Stockholm but does also signify haze and its connection with moods, extravaganza, mysticism and of course uniqueness, which is declared in the label’s cherished slogan ‘THE UNIQUE OF // YOU’.

After bringing the nicely arranged goody bag and an extra purchasing I have made to my sister in order to give her a little gift (yeah, I know… I must be the most wonderful, most lovable and nicest brother of all and well, yes, I actually am – even a bit more, without exaggeration!) I sported my nice outfit (btw: thank you so much for the nice compliment on my bag!) and my thoughts back home to do a little research on mist Stockholm Austria and a few upcoming things that I am kind of engaging with.

Above all, it seems that I am quite nervous about waiting five more days for a big announcement wonderful J.K. Rowling – author of the incredible Harry Potter Saga on pottermore.comwhat surprise will hit us harder than a ton of bricks? Oooh I am so excited about giving away this secret (btw: if you visit the Homepage of don’t miss hitting the owl for getting a little insight!).

While the night almost reaches halftime I am still a little bit possessed by insomnia and therefore dedicate my thoughts to reading on with my collection of the Pretty Little Liars Novels by Sara Shepard trying to concentrate a bit on what is going on and who is trying to imitate ‘A’ while I actually know that no one would be a better cast for someone as bitchy and cruel as ‘A’ than me. So maybe, dear producers, I did not just end my high school time with playing Romeo (in Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, of course – including a fulminant and highly praised performance of a stage death!) I am playing the role of my life every single day – 24/7 – fabulous me, fashionable myself and fascinating I. Any questions left? Call me!

That’s all. For now!



P.S. No1: Knowledge of the Day (sponsored by wonderful K): Luck is often just composed of making the (conscious) decision to be happy!

No2: I so can’t wait to get my US July Vogue having immaculate Emma Watson on the Cover starting into a new life after Harry Potter (say bye bye Emma!) and a new age because she turned 21! Congratulations and ‘oh, how beautiful thou’ art my dear, dear Lady’. XO – R

US Vogue July 2011 - Emma Watson



  Mangoblüte wrote @

oh, danke für diesen tollen text! 🙂 es hat mich sehr gefreut, dich gestern gesehen zu haben!

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

The pleasure was all mine – to talk to you and to look at you is always a deep pleasure for you are such a wonderful woman. Btw: I still love your boyfriend’s YSL shirt – red definitely is his color! XO – R

  Mangoblüte wrote @

aaaaaw, thank you!! 🙂

  Kim wrote @

I cannot believe that this is Emma Watson!!!

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

Yeah – I thought so too! She looks perfectly grown up and self-confident here. I really love that.


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