the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

the Burberry Tale

Living in a big city like Vienna and trying to provide for oneself what one really needs – a flat, decent clothes and well, some food sometimes means being able to get enough money every month to live your life the way you have actually always dreamed it to be… remember, like back in school.
As we grow up and as we grow older and our dreams and goals slightly or radically change we set ourselves in mind to have a certain lifestyle not thinking about how to achieve this or how to provide such. So I find myself in school imagining being able to afford all the Burberry a boy like me could need including adding a black croc leather Birkin with silver colored clasps to the outfit and then I find myself after university trying to find a job that gives me the possibility to afford all of these things – the sooner the better. And, well reality hits one as hard as a car that tries to drive through a brick wall – you realize – nah, not gonna happen. And it doesn’t. It doesn’t because you realize that you can afford some things one step at a time (like trying to switch my wardrobe from being mixed up to being totally Burberry only) and some others maybe with a few bigger steps than ever imagined (like that Hermès Birkin Bag for instance). You tell yourself it is okay. Very convincible. Because it is. It is okay to not being able buying all the things you want right away because where the hell would be the fun of trying to achieve a certain goal? Where would be the moment of being proud of yourself for working your pretty ass off in order to being able purchasing this instant leather Burberry boots or that croc leather Burberry bag with the beautifully crafted stitch that sparkles like a ray of sunlight or that Burberry gabardine trench coat with the classic, timeless checked lining?

As I am sitting here at Starbucks waiting for dear M to show up for our lunch reservations at Le Ciel I take a close look around at the people in my environment wondering how they make it that way because it seems effortlessly easy to them not to think about the way they are dressed or whether they are dressed up in labels or not and so my thoughts go on and on and on until M shows up and we take our table at the Grand Hotel.

Afterwards we went on a little shopping tour and I kept thinking about Burberry the whole time (not kidding) and once I entered the store realizing the last collection is 30 per cent off I couldn’t help myself to buy a new pair of beautiful trench colored 95 percent cotton 5 per cent elastane jeans. I love them. I instantly fell in love with them and decided that God created my body perfectly to sport Burberry from head to toe 24/7 with everything Christopher Bailey provides for this Burberry-dicted human being. I deserve it. I work for it. Hard – every day and every night. I’ll never stop working (for Burberry goods) – well at least not until I’ll stop breathing but I believe there is a while to shop and go until that happens.

As I carry my beautifully wrapped up Burberry London Jeans in my beautifully green ribboned Burberry Paper Bag I decide that this was a good day instantly thinking about missing my beloved K who I will see in more than a week the next time… for she went back to her mother country because holiday season tells students to go home visiting their parents or to try applying for an internship in which every student will work 24/7 without receiving anything in return but ‘the chance to learn something’ – yeah, try to buy a piece of bread to prevent yourself from starving in a supermarket telling the shop assistant you have no money but you can buy with a bottle of chances. Believe me – you will get no change for that.

That’s all for now because yes, I have Burberry things to do (haha Love that!). Take care my beautiful readers and enjoy your weekend!



P.S. Knowledge of the Day: The world simply looks more beautiful with a new purchase in hands and an outfit that rocks every crowd.

P.P.S. I think I have beaten myself by using the term Burberry in one single article more often than ever before. Is that a sign I need to think about a therapy? What will my shrink say? XO


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