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Song of the Day: Love You Like a Love Song- Selena Gomez [When the Sun Goes Down]

Selena Gomez When the Sun Goes Down

When Disney stars grow up they can become all sorts of human beings – lost, talent free cheerleader type of guys like Vanessa Hudgens, sweet but still inconspicuous singers/actors that play a cheerleader in a TV-show like Ashley Tisdale (the Show I am talking about is of course ‘Wildcats’) or prepotent actors who honestly can’t act (and/or sing though they became famous for that you know… stuff – remembering High School Musical? Better don’t!) like Zac Efron. And while other stars shine in either absence (Demi Lovato – I am so by your side… go get better and get back on track girl because you are damn talented) or with a scandalous change of life (poor poor Miley Cyrus) others grab the chance and steal the spotlight faster than any of named above can say ‘Burberry’ (yeah I know, I have a talent of bringing up this term/label in the most unexpected situations but hey I am addicted so please just let me get away with it!) just like beautiful and young mademoiselle Selena Gomez did.

A couple of days ago (June 21st) her third Album ‘When the Sun Goes Down’ hit the market like a bullet hits the brain – and so it did with my brain. It hit me and I can’t get it out of my head. This album is somewhat addictive and contagious that my iPod plays it off the hook – perpetually. While the first two albums (Kiss&Tell and A Year Without Rain) of Selena Gomez and the Scene where kind of nice but not hugely conspicuous to really arouse my attention I definitely have to say that this one is a different gauge. I’d dare say one Disney star plans on taking over the world with disco tunes that make you want to rock and dance the whole night through leaving the old and odd image of a young aspiring Disney teen star behind setting herself free to become an adult and grown up woman slowly but steadily.

Selena Gomez When the Sun Goes Down Album Cover

I have to admit that there were one or two singles on each of the first two albums that I really liked or still can’t get out of my head because they went into a direction that perfectly fits to where Selena Gomez and the Scene are right now – catchy, lighthearted and funky pop music with a very danceable, rockable and above all enjoyable beat. For instance ‘Naturally’ who was actually the most recognizable single from the Kiss&Tell album, which I still enjoy every once in a while when the sun shines beautifully and I just want to listen to easy going and lighthearted tunes. Or ‘Spotlight’ from their sophomore album A Year Without Rain, which actually is a funny single to just close your eyes to imagining you become a rock star one single day. But while these songs have been very young and well a bit childish actually it seems that someone grew up and glamorous. Selena became a beautiful woman (more beautiful than she has always been anyway) with a strong appeal and a great attitude towards fashion – which is absolutely obvious flipping through the booklet of the new album where she totally appears glamorous, divalicious and above all incredibly stylish and colorful!

When the Sun Goes Down – Selena Gomez and the Scene

1. Love You Like a Love Song
2. Bang Bang Bang
3. Who Says
4. We Own the Night (featuring Pixie Lott)
5. Hit the Lights
6. Whiplash
7. When the Sun Goes Down
8. My Dilemma
9. That’s More Like It
10. Outlaw
11. Middle of Nowhere
12. Dices (‘Who Says’ Spanish Version)

While I like to listen to the platinum hit single ‘Who Says’, which is a simple ode to self-love, self-belief and self-trust I totally have to say that nothing beats the new single ‘Love You Like a Love Song’ (video to be seen above! Simply a song you can’t get out of your head and to be honest – it may be a love song but finally it is not one of those cheesy kiss me now before I lose you forever kind of songs – it is lighter, fresher and perfect to let all the worries go dancing around your room) and the songs My Dilemma (totally addictive and reminding us all of a simple situation of knowing someone is not good to be in love with but still you can’t get away from that special person), Hit the Lights (an incredible and even better homage to oneself and above all to our fears of failing without even trying – go fulfill your dreams goddammit!) and We Own the Night featuring Pixie Lott (totally addictive and totally cute – really good duet choice… thank God she did not sing with another Disney freak again!).

All I can say is – get the album. Purchase it, listen to it and simply love it for its beautifully simplicity. It is a rare peace of enjoyment. I have never heard a thing like that – above all not from a former Disney star and I have to say I truly respect Selena Gomez for giving us such a great musical experience. Though I have to admit that she definitely could use some improvement on her live singing skills I have nothing to say against this album – it is cool, it is fresh, it is new… but above all it is a great fun and absolutely danceable. And while you read this article and think about whether to purchase these twelve songs I am about to dance around my room lightheartedly and completely free of any bad thoughts.

Love it. Enjoy it. Dance the Whole Night through!



P.S. Knowledge of the Day: Never judge a book by its covers – some people may surprise you others may fail to do so. Nothing ever turns out as expected beforehand. Believe me – been there, recognized that. XO



[…] it is music. Music makes the heart go crazy – it makes the hard go wild. Music gives me all the love I need, all the support I could ask for. When I am down it either puts me back onto my feet or it helps me […]

  sairra jade p imus wrote @

i love selena gomez so much im her biggest fan!

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