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the Adjustment Bureau: Visualizing the Great Plan of Life or ‘Is There Someone Leading Us Into a Right Direction’?!

It is a rainy Sunday afternoon (gosh how I love such rainy times when I am able to sport my beautifully crafted trench coat in the most fashionable manner) and I am sitting at Starbucks sipping on my second triple grande latte macchiato with soy milk (extra hot!) while booking my flights and checking the hotels I am about to stay in when I come to go on my first real vacation in five years! I can’t believe that I have finally managed to reschedule some things and appointments in order to finally meet myself in a relaxed kind of way – a way I actually never got to meet myself in a couple of years now. And since I am spending my trip with my beloved K I know that it is going to be both – great fun and a big bang tour!

Nevertheless, I remember, sitting all by myself thinking about life and love and about the people surrounding me (just like I always do when I totally enjoy some alone time – just me, myself, my music, my MacBook, my Phones and I) watching the Adjustment Bureau yesterday and so I irrevocably come to think about life as a big mixture of chances and something that is called the big plan. A plan that shows how a certain human being develops throughout his or her life but always heading into a direction that was written down for them centuries ago or at the point they were born – there are several ideas on that. Non the less I come to think about THE great plan and if there is such. Is there such? Do you believe in something like a big grand plan that wrote down what will become of you before you knew it yourself? Do you believe that some people are simply meant to be just because it was written down somewhere? Do you believe there is the ONE person that was meant to be for you? Created to fulfill their own kind of goal but still being an important and life changing part in everything you do and everything that has been created for you – made up for you as something that seems to be a map of various directions with one particular way to go in a particular direction? Is there a possibility of going only one way and no way else? One direction? Straight ahead? Doesn’t that sound rather one dimensional and above all quite silly?
(And an even better question: Why does Emily Blunt always looks that stunning without seemingly trying hard – what is it with her that she just appears to be perfectly beautiful without any effort? Makes me jealous actually!)

Well, since I neither believe in fate nor in a great plan written down for each and every human being in a customized way I also doubt the theory of one particular person existing to change your life irrevocably and incontrovertibly. In my own opinion there is not just one right one for you – there are millions of people existing on this planet so how anyone in their right mind can believe that in these millions of people only one was meant to be for you and just for you?! Seems a bit narrow minded considering the availability of hearts to conquer or people to impress in order to get a date or to have sex or to maybe have a serious commitment to any of those bespoken millions of people, doesn’t it? Though there were times back when I was young and foolish and poorly naive when I believed in things such as the one or the only right person for you or something like eternal love or something like happily ever after I have to admit that I am kind of happy that I met a point of waking up to see the rampant reality of us committing mostly because we can’t bear to be alone or can’t cope with the thought of possibly being alone until the end of our living days. I have been de-romanticized by the harsh and unfair life we live on a daily basis, by daily routine and by people showing me that true love is something the mind created centuries ago to make living easier because you have created yourself a thought to live for instead of really living for something that makes you happy, that fulfills you and your needs and that is simply something you always wanted to achieve… and to be honest I am glad it happened to me (I am still talking about being de-romanticized, of course) because if it wouldn’t have I might still be rushing through this world searching for someone that simply does not exist. Never mind the fact that society wants us to be with someone in order to appear as a ‘normal’ kind of human being, whatever ‘normal’ is in this society.
I wonder if it will ever be accepted for people to officially declare that they are single and that they actually enjoy to have it that way without people judging instantly and secretly and sometimes too obvious to hide?

Back to my thoughts on the master plan and the way the film created it to be in my head somehow – if there is something like an Adjustment Bureau (and yes I am completely taking the thought transferring it into our society!) leading people onto their ways the way it was written down for them by a high inspector (we all know who is meant by that, don’t we?!) then why do some people lose themselves in addictions and diseases and fights and mass murders? Why do people obviously can go the wrong way if there is someone leading them into a certain direction? Or is this film really trying to pinpoint that some people are just meant to be drug addicts or alcoholics or murderers or rapers? I dearly hope it does not. And if it (the film) does mean to say so than I truly hope the grand plan means something different for me than becoming more sarcastic and cynic that I already am not leading me into temptation such as drug addiction or trying to be with someone that is highly inappropriate for me. Until my researches on whether something like a grand plan exists I have to say that I decide for myself to not be tempted believing that everything will turn out the way it is supposed to be but keeping on working as hard as I possibly can to achieve everything I have set in mind.

Therefore, work your asses of because one day it will all pay off because you deserved it and not because you believe it is meant to be!



P.S. Knowledge of the Day: Rain suits my wardrobe and me better than any sunny day could. I can’t let go of trench coats and cardigans. I simply can’t. XO


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