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Archive for July 8, 2011

Introduction: the Diary of the Traveling Burberry [Pilot]

Spotted: Mr.StrictlyIntimate packing his bags to go on a trip – all that Burberry, all that Prada and all that Givenchy packed up to explore Germany for one week – various train stops, various car stops and a lot of adventures! What will happen? What will come up? What will be the most shocking scandal – will there be any at all? Will there be sex and drugs and rock’n’roll? Will there be dates and some more Burberry?

Whatever it is that I am about to see on my trip I will for sure keep you posted! So stay with me in a week full of adventures and interesting happenings… the next week will be called ‘the Diary of the Traveling Burberry’ – so stay tuned and follow me on an adventurous trip!



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