the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

First Stops [S01E01]

Saturday, 3:22 pm
So…this is how the whole journey starts. I am sitting in my train on the way to my first stop – Innsbruck… I have never been there but still I am kind of feeling that some surprises wait for me to show up – what will it be?

While I do not have anything else to do I entertain myself with Sex and the City: the Movie Part 1 and a lot of fashion and the latest issue of Harper’s Bazar before I start to get back to work a little bit because I do have a lot to write about.

Outfit: Cool but chic with a little touch of something that I do not usually look like – relaxed. So I am sporting a very simple white Levi’s T-Shirt with the label’s print, an anthracite cardigan by Zara, a 519 Levi’s Jeans, an Armani belt, a Petar Petrov silk Jacket, my black Boxfresh high ankle sneakers and my vintage Gucci shades. The little piece of Burberry for day one part one – Burberry wallpapers on my MacBook, my iPhone and my BlackBerry.

Update: 3:27 pm – so many cute guys on this train. Where the hell am I…McDreamy island?! As I shortly interrupt the movie I come to think about the ultimate things in my life – well, just like I always do while watching the life, the love and the shopping sprees of Carrie Bradshaw – and I as always have to point out that it seems to me that my only true love – if there is anything like this existing, actually – was, is and will ever be Fashion. There is nothing that can take so many characters and shapes at one time such as Fashion can – it can be moody, messy, flirty, chic, cool, arrogant, calm, down to earth, thoughtful, classic, basic, simple and/or a little bit too much. It can be big, small (almost non existent in its smallness sometimes), draped, shaped, body conscious, body forming, body hugging, soft and/or crunchy. It is everything at any given point of time because it is what you make of it. And that is the actual beautiful part about it. Fashion is all about you and the way you develop an instant instinct for what to wear in order to look super hot, super cool, super chic, super chilled or super elegant. Oh and if I have ever forgot to mention it – I want a closet that ridiculously huge just like Big built it for Carrie – so if a guy proposes one day he should better come up with something good like this and a ring, of course. With a closet like this a small Harry Winston is definitely something I would agree on.

Update: 4:33 pm – going through my outfit schedule in my head and flipping through the InDesign pages of clothing I have put together in order to know exactly what I have with me and what to wear to a certain occasion – you know… ALWAYS be prepared.

Update: 5:15 pm applying Gucci by Gucci Sport (if not wearing a sporty perfume to a chilled out look then why the hell did I buy it?), because after two hours of traveling I already feel a little bit de-freshened. There ain’t nothing better than a fees’ scent to cheer you up!

Update: 6:09 pm… seriously?! How weird can life be placing someone you have once slept with in the same train getting out where you once met him and spent several nights at his place? Thank Prada I neither got off the same station nor took off my shades. That would have been a shocker. Though, I remember he had one of the biggest dicks I have ever had…

Update: 7:24 pm– almost there… thought I felt a little bit exhausted because I am on my feet since 6.30 am but actually Lady GaGa makes me rock this fucking train. Amen Fashion my madre monster GaGa!



P.S. Knowledge of the Day: Never travel without any Lady GaGa music to take with you on the journey. XO


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