the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

Never Dared to Think I’d Be Sleeping in a Car [S01E03]

Monday – 7.00 am

I am awake – wide awake and tired of sleeping. While I step into the shower I try to remember which outfit my plan tells me to wear for the day and after I step out of the steaming hot bathroom I take a look at my MacBook and feel happy about me being so in love with colors right now because the plan tells me to wear my blue Diesel Shirt, my green – red – blue checked Review sweater – adding a red tie so the red would come out a little bit more because, apart from another darker Levi’s 519 and some Boxfresh sneakers I add a Burberry Jacket and the red stripes perfectly fit to the tie and the sweater. Finally I put on my vintage Gucci shades, take my purse and go down to have a little breakfast.

8:15 am – As I sit there on my table (which is actually a table for four) in between all those families and couples and happy little children I feel even more like a natural enemy to those people – the cynical, sarcastic, neurotic single that wants to shut them all up so he could sip his millions cups of coffees in divine peace. But well, I don’t do that. I am nice and calm and plug in my iPod so I can listen to the Soundtrack of Black Swan to get calmer and calmer. While everyone enjoys breakfast I make two rolls for K and W and put them into my purse, which actually makes me feel like a thief somehow and instantly I look around if anyone is watching me with curious suspicion. They aren’t … in fact no one does. Luckily. But enough of the ‘I am single – stop trying to save me’ talk…

8: 45 am – While writing some emails on my BlackBerry I suddenly visualize K and W standing in front of me picking me and my stuff up for our final day at Europepark. I go up to my room – pack the last of my stuff and check out by the weirdly overweight and over-assed lady at the reception. I feel good. Really good. And somehow even a little bit relaxed. But really just a little bit because I can still feel the ache in my back… day 45 of this bad ache. But right now I do not give a shit because I want to have some fun on the highest and the fastest and most crowded roller coasters in the world – front row of course! I would never again in my life would let someone satisfy me with just any place – in a roller coaster I always only am front row audience material!
Non the less, we spend almost twelve hours at the park – laughing, getting wet, getting wasted, getting wet again, exploring new highest and depths and widths, getting some more wet again over and over and over… and I came to realize that I love that and that I have missed times like these while trying to ignore the fact that this is my first real vacation within the last five years. It is weird to vacate but at the same time it is actually something I really, really, really needed and I feel it right now – the cool vibe of summer, the calm easiness of having fun with friends and the chilled spirit of having the time to do whatever you want to do.

10:15 am – I think someone from a hideous skirt convention went a wrong way and landed in the rows of blue fire… the Attraction! I think I got an absolute kick of pure adrenaline while I was sitting in the front row being shot through the air like a blizzard. Unbebloodylievable.

1:14 pm – the Grudge of Kassandra… was quite an adventure yesterday but with all the people in here today it was even more exciting for the three of us were just waiting for the people to scream because something was sneaking up their asses… I will definitely never forget the screaming!

3:34 pm – Silver Star… the best of the best.. the highest of all European roller coasters. K, W and myself in the front row – it was a blast and above all I will never forget the ultimate feeling of ease and happiness afterwards. Plus, I even got an American Hot Dog.

8:15 pm As we leave the park I feel like having satisfied my needs for adventures and heights completely and in its fullest possible way, but as we actually planned to sleep at a friend’s place in Stuttgart we had to get disappointed there. And so, in my darkest hour I truly had to sleep at a camping place… though I made myself speak and unbreakable vow to never sleep on a floor – ever… and well, I did not. I have slept in the car and I still feel the pain in my back haunting me because of agreeing to such a bad idea. But well, it was the only thing that was left since I had to leave the hotel la t eleven am and no other hotel around here had any free capacities… so there I was on a camping place. With K and W. But I will swear – never again, I think.



P.S. Knowledge of the Day – never underestimate the effect of a Hot Dog… it might make you happier than you have ever thought. Somehow eating really can be stimulating… never thought it could be that way to me.


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