the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

Chilling and Relaxing and Wining and Dining [S01E05]

Wednesday – 7.00 am

Since the last days have been more of an adventure trip it seemed to us that the day was perfect to simply allow ourselves to do absolutely nothing – well hardly anything would be more like it actually.
I have been up since 6.30 am and was writing a bit on some stuff I am currently working on and while I was waiting for K and her mother C to wake up and embrace the sweetness of a rainy day. So I sat there wrapped up in my Burberry scarf on the balcony enjoying the view, the chill in the air and the softness of rain on my skin, writing lines, deleting lines, writing some more lines and changing some lines.

10.30 am – Shopping! (Well…no comment)

Once K and C were wide awake and K was freshened up we decided to pick up breakfast from another village… and yes, you are not wrong I really did use the term village. I can’t talk about that right now but let me put it this way: the village where I am at the moment isn’t even listed on maps. I think this will definitely explain everything. Non the less it is charming and calm and tranquil and relaxed and chilled and all the things else than big, loud and boomy. But that is okay for I enjoy it here quite well and for I do not have to live here my entire life (although I wouldn’t actually mind having a house the size of ten million shoe boxes just like K).
So we are there in the other village and we want to shop some stuff for our breakfast and as we decided we are about to cook in the evening (yeah me too – wait your turn. There’s going to be a surprise!) we need some more stuff and a tour to another village. The people are nice and friendly, of course they are. Aren’t they always in a village? I am even quite surprised compared to Austrian villages and well, the Austrians in general. One thing about them isn’t so easy on me – unfortunately – I do not understand a single word they say. Okay, might be a bit exaggerated but hey it is true. A guy talked to me and told me something while waiting for him to finish up the exploitation of his bottles for I can take my turn with C’s bottles and I did not understand him… it was so fast, so low, so mingled in words and intonations that I simply did not get it. But as he made a gesture for me to go ahead I figured out he said something in this direction but hey he could have even made a compliment on my sharp style and my Burberry Polo but then again – does he even know that Burberry isn’t some kind of berry?

12.00 pm – Oh so sweet!

Once we were finished with shopping groceries (Aldi really does look like Hofer!) we made a short stop at K’s aunt’s place where I met her grandparents (her grandmother just got a Pad as a gift – at the age of 80! How cool is that?!). Such lovely people. So nice, so friendly, so wonderful. I was really taken aback. Her aunt decided to join us watching Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows Part II on Thursday in Regensburg. We went there to get some eggs for the breakfast. And what did we forget? What did we realize once we entered the driveway? The eggs. So we drove back and got the eggs. And then we had a wonderful breakfast in the garden. I feel like in a Jane Austen book. I love it!

3.00 pm – Facial Treatment

While K relaxed on the couch not feeling too well because of various allergies her mother brought me into her facial laboratory (she isn’t just a great nurse but also a great facial expert!) and gave me one of her treatments and gosh did I feel relaxed and eased and calm and good. My face looked so happy after all those masks and creams and phials and massages and it felt better than ever before.

4.30 pm – Around the village? No, definitely not!

Actually K wanted to show me Abensberg – well it was raining heavily and it did not look like there was any opportunity we could go around for a walk. So we drove back home and did what we had to do the whole evening… relaxing. Chilling. Watching Sex and the City and being all captured in playing with our MacBooks – gosh just what we needed for one day!

6.30 pm – Me cooking?! Are you kidding?!

Before I meet a man I like to make clear that I am not a guy to be put at home for cooking and washing and ironing for I can neither cook nor wash. Ironing is something that I love – but no man needs to know that for I do not like to play the house bunny one day ironing shirt and socks and jeans… for things like that God created dry cleaning. Yesterday I kind of surprised not just myself but K as well and I believe that I have to write this down here. We started our cooking session with the dessert – called sweet dream – made of chocolate, sugar, chocolate, sugar and some more chocolate and sugar for we were quite artistically adding marshmallows and some more chocolate with pudding powder.
When we done with this we started the main dish – Grilled Chicken Stripes in cream sauce (for K and C with mushrooms – for me without for I believe that the mushroom is the natural enemy of the human being and will try to take over the world one day… and I will be prepared!) with bread dumpling.
I cut onions in little cubes like a pro would – I was surprised myself for I had a trick not to cry while doing this (send me an email for several tips!) and for this cubes looked very professionally made. K couldn’t believe her eyes and senses that I actually was of proper use in an area that I would usually use as storage for clothing and Martinis. But there we go – me cutting the chicken, her cutting the mushrooms (I do not even dare to touch them). And when we were done it looked so good – and then, the taste was even better. And I couldn’t believe it myself. And K couldn’t believe it as well. But it was. And I am proud!



P.S. Knowledge of the Day: Sometimes relaxing is all you really need – even though you are at a place where you can explore so much. Don’t you try to force yourself to having to walk around all the time. Sometimes it is all about you and your needs. XO


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