the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

Berlin, Berlin…you are so wonderful Berlin – can I come back to you again and will you embrace me then? [Season Finale]

Happening right now: I am sitting at Starbucks while it is raining in the streets of Vienna – drinking my usual triple shot latte macchiato with soy milk – extra hot and typing this lines in remembrance of a wonderful vacation and a hard’n’heavy road trip that made a lot of fun… so here is what everyone has been waiting for since I have started writing the journey… the End.

Sunday 17th – 4:35 pm

I sit here at the airport waiting for the boarding of my flight back to my home country Vienna… it was an adventurous trip in Berlin…three days… and above all I forgot my fucking ID…the one thing everyone actually needs when traveling out of the boarders of their home country. I really wonder how I could have been that silly because everyone who knows me perfectly well is aware of the fact that I never forget anything if it is important. But well as it seems even I have my little flaws. Or some big issues as well as it turned out when K and I were talking more intimate than ever before on Thursday – the night before ‘road trip’-ing to Berlin, but please, let me start at the beginning of these three days.

Thursday – night. 11.30 pm (actually right after coming home from cinema watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II). The house of K and her mother C. The night before traveling to Berlin.

We sat in the garden with a glass of wine and some salad her mother made for our journey. I knew that this talk would be more deep from the moment on K said ‘Hey, I think we have to have a little talk – I need to tell you some things’. As it turns out this was more like some kind of therapy lesson for me as well as for her for I told her everything about me. Things no one ever made me tell. Things that were hidden as deeply as they hurt for they nevertheless were past and therefore and something I actually mostly try to forget or just forgive from time to time. It was something , I have never told anyone before for I did never believe that theses secrets would matter anyhow at any given point of time. But as it turned out they mattered more than I even dared to believe myself.
Non the less I will not talk about this stuff here and now because it is pre-self-respective-me-time and pre-self-conscious-mrstrictlyintimate. This blog is a future forward, new age thinking diary for me, a platform where I talk about everything that happens here and now or maybe even in some time ahead but right now, it doesn’t really feel like being right to me to talk about private past stuff. Maybe in a book one day. I do believe this would be the perfect material for a book about the hidden depths of a human psyche.

As I sat there with K talking my heart and my soul out I wondered if I should stick to my usual motto – if two can keep a secret then one of them is dead – but I decide that I couldn’t trust K any more than I already do so I just talk and talk and talk. And it somehow feels really good.

Friday 6:00 am – the early bird catches the worm – the early Mr.StrictlyIntimate catches everything AFTER he got his seven cups of coffee and wears a glittering and glamorous outfit.

C brings us to the train to Regensburg where we will meet up with someone who is a complete stranger to the both of us found by K on a website called but as it turns out this is the kind of stuff everyone does in our society. Several people told me about this site and I have to admit that it felt weird to wait for someone you do not know at all driving you to a destination without making you a slave or a prostitute. It is actually quite refreshing that there still are somewhat trustworthy people out there.

We arrived in Berlin with a few stops and well we were alive and our driver actually has been a pretty nice guy – so no complaint just pure joy we actually made it to Berlin. Once we got out of the car and said goodbye to Fritz (yeah right – some joking automatically aroused because of the name and a certain Austrian guy everyone around the world knows by know starting with Fritz and ending with -l…but I do not give any hints here who it actually is.)

Annemarie (thank God we met Annemarie – a wonderful, sparkling, bright and so fashionable young woman) picked us up to bring me save to her home (in Potsdam – so beautiful!) and to give me the opportunity to get rig of clothes and jumping into a new pair of Levi’s Jeans, a white Diesel T-Shirt, my gray Zara cardigan and my black satin Petar Petrov Jacket adding my Swarovski crystal necklace and my Boxfresh sneakers to complete the outfit. I looked good and I was ready to be taken to a fantastic, open minded and entertaining party – a student party! The best I have ever had but that could have been the shot of adrenaline being produced by the thought of me finally being in Berlin – whole, alive and all dressed up in hot couture.

Saturday: 4.15 am – on the way home. Well, hers not mine. Of course.

Though I have been up for almost 24 hours I have to say that I do not feel any kind of exhaustion yet but just the thrill of what is coming up to us on the next day of visiting Berlin.
Once we entered the Berlin scenario of living and eating and breathing and dressing I happened to meet a point where I inadequately realized that everything is more fashionable in Berlin – that everything rocks and everyone glams and everthing else just had a fucking awesome attitude. I felt great and I felt so at home (though realizing I forgot something actually very important for my way back home to Vienna – my fucking passport where I look like a fucking overdressed Nazi – though I actually do not quite know why, but with the bold head and the jacket that looks like a bomber jacket on the picture one could actually mistake me for someone that I am absolutely not – above all… why do they had to put the Austrian stamp right over my bright pink tie?! I believe this tie would have saved everything bringing me back to the all gay – all good – all harmless spotlight!).

As we sat in a restaurant for dinner K, AM and her friend tried to enlighten my mood which swung from overwhelmingly lucky being in Berlin to calling my self a fucking idiot for forgetting something as essential as my passport – it did not help, though I felt calmer and better after talking to the embassy and the police – who both ensured me that I will somehow make it to Vienna (even if they had to hid me in a Burberry Suitcase – well it is not what they said, but that is what I have heard and imagined from their words!).

Saturday: 9.00 pm – ready to party the gay way? Well, no. Not quite.

As we decided, when I arrived in Berlin, that we definitely had to pay a visit to the gay scene, we were all as keen as mustard to check out the hot guys. But then, in the end we did not because we decided that we should use the last night in Berlin to order Pizza, talk about stuff like fashion, makeup and weird friends that were just being made and born for our own amusement. And so we sat and laugh and ate the grossest Pizza I have ever heard of that turned out to be the best one I have ever had in my mouth… guys. Still talking about pizza here and it was a hot dog pizza – Pizza base with sausage, onions, cocktail gherkin and mustard. Damn that was delicious.

Sunday: 1.30 am – still wide awake. Just me. But anyhow being awake doesn’t change its status just because I was all by myself though one might have been able to call it a single night in bed – just like every night seems to be but who complains?

Sunday: 12.00 pm – Brunch with Phil Meinwelt, AM and Richard. So funny, so entertaining and so delicious. I believe the four of us had the nicest brunch one could have. I definitely have to point out that AM is the funniest girl I have ever met in my entire life. She is a born entertainer.
After eating and after a big fauxpas made by the waiter… when we paid he really looked at me and seriously asked ‘do you pay lonesome’ – I looked at him unsure of either to slap him or to say ‘honey, in the evenings my bed never is lonesome!’ … but I went for – I pay on my own because I am able to afford everything I want since I am a hard working single gay guy waiting for anyone to show up trying to show him that love isn’t just a fucking made up myth created by Walt Disney to keep us entertained while struggling with life so NO I do not pay lonesome I pay fucking happy SINGLEISH! Well, I did not say that either. But in my head I did. And my friends saw this in my eyes. I paid. We left. For good.

Sunday 3.10 pm – saying goodbye with a heavy hard. It is time for me to say goodbye to little K and her wonderful friend Lilly! AM and I go to the airport, me breathing hard not being sure if I make it through to the gate because of my missing passport but as it turns out the guy at the check in doesn’t give a fucking fuck about my missing passport and is perfectly satisfied with seeing my driving license letting me take my flight back to Vienna.

And there I am now. Vienna. Back again. But not for long I guess. I do believe.



P.S. Knowledge of the Day (no not that day but today): Never forget your umbrella at home…you might get wet surprise. XO


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