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Labels or Love: Reasons to Choose Fashion over Guys

my new Alexander McQueen T-Shirt

Every time I get the chance to do a little bit of shopping and every time I buy myself a little chic something I come to compare fashion to love and of course at the same time to men and since I find myself completely happy with my new Alexander McQueen T-Shirt (thanks to Mia for the perfect mix of inspiration and advice!) so I thought it might a great idea to write down some thoughts while doing this comparison…

1) …and Prada dresses (or in my case a purse or shoes or a suit) never broke my heart before:
It is so true what Fergie sings in the Song ‘Labels or Love‘, no pair of Burberry Jeans, no Prada Suit and no Kenzo T-Shirt has ever done any harm to my heart before, some men on the other hand have. So when it comes to deciding whether to risk some tears and aches and heartbreakes by letting a guy into your life or to buy some clothes and risk that you might eat a little bit less in order to purchase the new Dolce and Gabbana James Dean T-shirt I believe being able to stand up and say proudly and freely: ‘Pass that T-Shirt, here is my card and please could you lock that guy over there away, he is looking at me like he wants to go out with me, telling me he likes me to break me afterwards. Ah, and I think I might need that iPhone case over there too.’ Any questions?

2) Those three little words
Well, we all wish every guy would say these three little, special, beautiful words to us. Those words, that give away his self-control, his will and his power of everything he owned so far in order to show us how much we really mean to him, how much tea appreciates us and above all how much he trusts in everything we say and do: ‘DRESS ME, PLEASE!’
That are actually the only words I would love to hear a guy say knowing that all I have is the ability to approve everything he possibly could do or well, be – because effortlessly chic and stylish men are the hot ones (and the hard-to-find-hard-to-get ones too). Those, that know they do not need to know how to dress because they have me for that – if that isn’t a great proof of trust?! And, since guys never do a thing like that because they are so happy with they way they look (yeah, right, as if someone could be happy wearing sandals and socks together) I happen to stay solo concentrating on improving and developing my own style a little further to sophistication.

if you let me do the work you could look as Burberry as these guys

3) a braided Bottega Veneta knot pochette may not be the most convenient purse but it is so pretty!
We all know, guys like things as convenient and useful as possible but boys and girls like me and you love things that are pretty and that make us happy. A bright and shiny thing like this Bottega Veneta pochette may not carry everything our daily bags do but when it comes to downsizing in order of adding something to your outfit that makes it brilliant and fierce we are the best and all of a sudden seem to get along with one phone, some money, our Yves Saint Laurent touche éclat concealer and some Yves Saint Laurent mascara. It somehow seems to be so damn easy, doesn’t it?!

Bottega Veneta Knot Pochette

4) Guys may give you sex but opening your closet can give you more orgasms than guy could
I have to agree: Sex is awesome – if a guy does it the right way or at least tries to do you the right way. With guys it is always about ‘doing or being done by’ but with fashion it is all about opening the closet, picking what you feel like and adding some details in order to feel confident, sexy, sassy, fierce and effortlessly cool. There is no playing pretend until he conquers your heart to conquer your everything else – there is just you and that fabulous pair of trench colored Burberry jeans or that classic vintage Louis Vuitton bag or that remarkably fitting Armani tie.

Beautiful navy Armani tie

You see – there are many reasons to prefer a piece of fashion over any guy you meet but still there are several things a T-Shirt can’t give you: butterflies in your stomach, a soft kiss on the neck when you wake up besides him and he surprisingly does not turn out to be the biggest ass hole of all leaving after coming, a little piece of fashion as a small gift of affection or just a nice rendezvous (except for me of course because I usually tend to meet the guys that want to fuck me right away without having the decency to ask me out before trying to fuck me – I usually say no to those guys, of course).

So, whatever you decide to love more – whether it is fashion or simply a man that appears to be honest – just never forget to be true to yourself. You may have style, you may be able to feel, you may even be able to give it all up for something or someone but in the end it always turns out that no piece of expensive fashion and no guy that doesn’t deserve to have you by his side can replace one thing: Dignity.

Dignity for yourself. For who you are. For what you wear. For what you do.



P.S. Song of the Day: Lady GaGa – Fashion!



  Review Of The Men Fashionable Chic wrote @

[…] Labels or Love: Reasons to Choose Fashion over Guys « Mr … Every time I get the chance to do a little bit of shopping and every time I buy myself a little chic something I come to compare fashion to love and of course at the same time to men and since I find myself completely […]

  Alia S wrote @

Haha ! Joyful post. Thank u for sharing.

  Autumn wrote @

I love this!!! It’s the best, you are such a gifted writer 🙂 TY for making me smile today. xox

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