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Impressions of a Rainy Day or Why I Love the Rain

Since yesterday and today have been two completely rainy and misty days I have come to terms with myself to think about what it actually is that makes me so cool, calm and relaxed every time the rain is pouring down on me. There are obviously many signs telling people around me that I truly love rain. Above all I believe everyone should see the fashionable sides of a rainy day or a rainy day wardrobe – you can put it either way:

Reason One: Of course, number one is Fashion (with a capital F!) – it will always be FASHION!

There is nothing as fashionable (though actually a completely basic thing in everyone’s wardrobe) as a classic trench coat (whether it is beige or black colored doesn’t actually matter though I believe that a beige is something like an absolute necessity) on a rainy day. Men wearing their daily black suits to work (well the men I would wish to know, at least) and adding to this quite one dimensional but absolutely understandable working outfit, a classic beige trench coat. Most men obviously don’t do this for fashion reasons though there are definitely some hidden motives of looking good and preppy and impressive in every men wearing a suit (actually that is a reason why suits are so sexy – the dominance, the success, the power – everything they radiate makes us want to take it off their bodies so they can dedicate their everything to us…) and a coat like this.
For me: I wore a classic light blue button down Diesel Shirt; a red tie; a green, blue and red checked Sweater with a v-neck; classic blue 519 Levi’s slim fit Jeans; a black Armani belt; black Dominici shoes and a classic but absolutely radiant and beautiful beige trench coat (designed and made by myself – I have to some clapping on my own shoulder here for this piece of fashion is truly something I am absolutely proud of!). The whole outfit was finished with a big croc leather bag (not a real croc but a real H&M) and my MacBook case. Ta-da. Preppy, elegant and petty (literally a petty sweater!).

Reason Two: the Atmosphere just makes me want to embrace this world!

There is nothing more beautiful than the atmosphere and the environment, when it is raining, either heavily or just in a drizzling way. Just like I told a really nice someone today… it has something magical when it is raining. I was sitting at the office on the 17th floor looking over the beautify 22nd district of Vienna (though I am more the city type of guy it is quite cool here sometimes – all the water, the green and the green and the green… oh gosh I am so happy there are no cows here. Cows really freak me out.) listening to ‘The Scientist’ by Coldplay observing the rainy environment and the rainy air. If you would have taken one look out of the window you would have seen what I love so much – people running around with their umbrellas in different sizes, colors and shapes; cars making their ‘woooosh’ sound as they drive through the many puddles on the street; the mist that surround all the skyscrapers making them appear far far away even they are usually as close as two people before they are leaning in to give each other a kiss of love and adoration, the water in its restless character melting with the raindrops incorporating them into its system; the calm silent wind that forces some raindrops to break out of their massive army dropping on windows and building fronts and cars and metros. There is so much romanticism in what is happening as one single rain drop falls down from a cloud until it finds its bitter sweet end in the infinity of the streets, of life, as we all know it.

Reason Three: Just look out of your window and see the beauty of this world!

It doesn’t matter if the sun is shining or the rain falling down on us or if the winter sugars the world a little bit with a beauty and fashionable white… it is what it is. Life. And damn isn’t it beautiful how the weather changes, how people change, how a new day is coming every day after the night fades and how every night can be the best of our lives if we let it?! Do you know what I mean? Rain is life, like rays of sun, like the falling of snow, like the silence of the night or the noise of the day! And that is what I simply love!

It is great to be alive and to try doing everything to make your dreams come true and I know one day I will be a writer working for Vogue. I just know. I just have to. What do you dream of?



P.S. I still hate couples always touching and kissing and holding everywhere they are – I can’t even drink my fucking Starbucks without 16 (I counted!) couples walking in without any self control almost fucking on the floor. Come on! Life is not a porn show until you have reached your flat where you can do whatever you want to! Just don’t do it in front of my poor sensitive eyes.



  Autumn wrote @

I love this blog!!! Totally love it 🙂 and your P.S. has me agreeing with you, life is not fair, my friend. Yes I am single again and really now do agree with you. I am wearing sunglasses at all times 🙂

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

Thank you so much! I am truly flattered by your words…it is wonderful to know that you love my blog.

Well…Single again? That really doesn’t seem fair to me for you deserve to be loved. But at least you are on the fashionable side wearing shades all the time… reminds me of my last break up (one of the hardest I ever had to face actually) and even in November with all the dirt and snow and everything I was hiding behind shades…

Once you can lift them off your head you will feel eased and you know it is time to start something new… to embrace life and to be over something that made your life richer for at least a short period of time.


  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

You seem to have a very sensitive feeling towards what I want to pinpoint… I really like and appreciate that above all because I feel that you really seem to share my opinion on a lot of thoughts I have in this post.

If you would be considering opening your own blog you could definitely count me in as a following reader for I appreciate someone speaking his mind and sharing his opinion no matter what others think!


  peekaaboo wrote @

Hi R!
I love rain for the same reasons as you. I love walking especially in a summers rain. Rain gives me the impression that the earth is being cleaned and all negativity is being washed away. On a cheeky note I like making love while its raining outside my window……
I’m back from a long summer break in Spain, Malta & then Greece where it was hot and sunny. Lovely of course but I wouldn’t have minded if it rained…..

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