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Never Been Kissed… no, Not Me. The Movie!

Since I am sick and bound to bed because of fever I guess there is nothing much to do but either watch some movies or pity yourself because you can’t be out there in the real world finding some treasures or living up to the newest adventures but I take things the way they come and so I am in bed watching romantic movies and thinking about my next blog post to write when suddenly it hits me that I want to see a 1999 movie. ‘Never Been Kissed’ with Drew Barrymore… oh gosh how I love her!

I haven’t thought about this movies in a long time – only once in a while it happens to be played on TV but since I own the Dvd there was no reason not to see it and so I did. And I loved every minute of it. The once unpopular girl getting another chance trying to be popular, trying to live and feel what she never was allowed to before, trying to become what she never was. This is one of those 90’s movies that remain in your brain just like ‘Cruel Intentions’ with Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon and Selma Blair or ‘She’s All That’ with Freddie Prince Jr. and Rachel Leigh Cook – one of those movies you can watch over and over and over again, if the 90’s where the time of you growing up.

After the movie ended and the credits appear on my MacBook (yeah, I prefer watching Dvd on my MacBook rather than on my big screen… at least when I am sick in bed because the picture is closer) I think about my favorite scene, which is of course the last scene with Drew Barrymore waiting on the Baseball field for her prince charming to appear to finally give her the first kiss of love. The one kiss that lets both of them forget that they are in a crowded arena. The one kiss that makes everything vanish and only the moment count. The one kiss they call the kiss of love, a kiss that lets you know he (or she) is the one – for a lifetime. And even thought I am in some kind of personal fight with love and everything connected to freaked out couples running around everywhere I am, I have to say that I almost had a tear in my eye. (Hey, easy there Tiger…I said almost!)

The best part is when Jessica Alba says ‘that is so wrong’ and I sit in front of my MacBook and say ‘yeah, it definitely is!’ out loud wondering if he will come in the end (though I know he comes, of course) and then the last seconds of the counter watch make it all seems so sad because he doesn’t show up and I am like ‘damn, no!’ (even though I still know he will show up) and everyone in the movie is like ‘damn, no!’ too.
And then he appears. And then he kisses her. And then everything around them fades and they are happily kissing and you know they will stick together because they love each other… well, at least until one of them screws someone else.

So I wonder… Is life a Baseball field where we stand in the middle waiting our five minutes (weeks, months, years, decades… who is counting anyway) until the one (who or whatever that is) appears to kiss us?… to make us see nothing else but him… to make everything fade around the two of us until you finally decide that he is the one and that you want to be with him forever and ever and even longer?!

Is that the way it goes? Think about it.




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  Autumn wrote @

Another really super blog!! I love the movie, also. The last scene, hmmmm, I am thinking you have something there with your idea. If life is a baseball field, then I better get better at catching ? 😉 or standing still, I am thinking 🙂 xox

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