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Three Simple Reasons Why I Love Emma Stone

Emily Jean ‘Emma’ Stone… I doubt there is anything left to say after you simply spelled this incredibly beautiful name. Imagine the person behind it. And then multiply your imagination by a factor of, let us say, a million – then you come close to who I am talking about. 22 years old (yeah, younger than I am, more beautiful than I am and way more successful than I am but HEY I totally can live with it because she deserves whatever she gets!), a bomb in every possible way but well let me explain it to you in ten simple steps or as I call it – 10 Simple Reason Why I Love Emma Stone – platonically, of course (I bet we would be incredibly good friends) because you know I have this things and it is called ‘The Gay Thing’… nonetheless, I love her and I can say it out loud very proudly.

Three Reasons because of ‘Three Little Words’ – I Love You… so here I go making it as official as anybody could. Emma Stone – I Love You!

Number One – She is naturally entertaining
Simply obvious to everyone who has seen a movie staring this gorgeous Lady. Her sense of humor is not just a part she plays but a natural talent of being simply funny. Every facial impressions she makes in her movies seems so real that you can’t do anything else but think – ‘yeah, that is who she is in real life!’

Number Two – She is naturally talented
Another thing connected to who she is. Convincing. Authentic. Stunning. Sophisticated. Excellent from her first line to her last. Whether it was ‘Zombieland’ or ‘Easy A’ or ‘Crazy Stupid Love’, whenever she appeared on the screen I was completely absorbed by who she played, who she way and the way she acted.

Number Three – She is naturally beautiful
Her parents did something right when raising her. Simply look at her and lose your words – the hair, that smile, that effortless way of being tremendously beautiful. I guess there is no other word to that than ‘beautiful’ – in every way!

If you have doubts about Emma then just hook up with her movies and feel getting more absorbed and involved with her acting, her natural elegance, her style, her sensibility for playing a part and for being a little bit herself in every role she plays!

May all the luck and fame and fashion of the world be with you Emma Stone!



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