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Fashion Camp Vienna 2011 – the Biggest Blogger Mash Up Vienna has Ever Seen!

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10th September 2011 – 11 am to 6 pm

The Hub Vienna
Lindengasse 56
1070 Vienna
A Loft as bright and beautiful as I haven’t seen it before.
A White floor, white walls, white curtains and a white ceiling…

The Hub Vienna

The better question would be – who not? Everyone in the Austrian and German blogger scene (and I have seen Moritz from Gebrueder Stitch – a famous Austrian Jeans Label! God I love these guys. And God Moritz is a beautiful guy…) was invited and a whole great bunch of people attended. People I know since I started my blog two years ago – people I became acquainted with throughout my years of blogging – new faces whom I look forward to meeting again and whom I wish all the luck in the world to achieve whatever they want with their blogs!

Session 1: Copyright
A fabulous and interesting talk about the laws, rights and restrictions of using pictures from the internet. Dr. Axel Anderl was a very competent speaker (who sweated a little bit too heavily but who cares about that if he is such a great lawyer).

Session 2: Cybermobbing
With Jasmin Arensmeier from Tea & Twigs, was one of the most entertaining speeches and discussions I have been allowed to listen to in a long time now. She was just absolutely perfectly dressed and had a sense of humor that is mostly something only German people have – a natural sense of humor. Something you can’t learn but just develop throughout the years of growing up and becoming a self confident woman / man.

Session 3: From Blog to Brand
In the beginning I actually thought this lesson was supposed to be kind of a ‘How to…’ for those who want to start making blogging a business for themselves – a business opportunity. In the end it actually only appeared to be the stories of Anna Frost ( and Kathrin Wittich ( and how they made it. I guess that wasn’t much of a help to a lot of people there…

Session 4: Enterprises in Commercing Social Media
In this hour of discussion I actually missed the social media part – I mean, not that it wasn’t there, but it simply did not dominate the conversation which actually well, should have been if it was called to be about enterprises and social media and not about the way companies or blogs communicate with other bloggers. Somehow there was a little twist in there… nonetheless I have to say that Julia Basagic ( definitely was the best hostess of the day – she was professional, sharply dressed and as always very funny.

Session 5: ‘Vienna as a Fashion City?’
The most discussed topic throughout my years of blogging and of course throughout my years of studying fashion design / journalism / marketing and PR as well… and it was one of the most discussed topics at today’s FashionCamp. It was great and interesting and really made me angry somehow… Maria Oberfrank (who showed up in Flip Flops and one of the worst trousers I have ever seen in my entire life) really made me want to scream at her for saying that it wasn’t much of a loss when the Fashion Institute Vienna in Cooperation with the University for Artistic and Industrial Design Linz has to shut down Fashion Design Bachelor studies. Yeah, it is true and sad. It really made me sad for I have to think back how much I developed personally and as a professional. After the discussion was down she couldn’t have been gone faster but I still had to make my point clear and so I took the chance and the microphone and said what I thought: ‘Hetzendorf was a chance for those who had a dream… a fashionable dream. A dream about becoming a designer and it is wrong to say there hasn’t been any marketing background because in fact what we have been taught was how to create a label – how to create a company – how to make us a brand! It is said and unfair to take away this chance for those who have a dream and for those who can’t attend an elitist association such as die Angewandte…’

In the end all that is left to say is a big thank you to all those who organized the fashion camp – all those who invested their time and energy to make such a big and great event possible! We had our fun – thank you so much for this.



P.S. All Pictures taken by Ali and Ina of Lovely Shared Secrets – two young women I have met today and who instantly won my heart by being naturally pretty and perfectly nice.



  lovelysharedsecrets wrote @

Thank you for the wishes and compliments! It was really great to meet you! I love your view of the Camp, it’s almost the same like mine and the trousers were horrible! 😉


  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

The pleasure was all mine! I am looking forward to the next chance of meeting.



  Week of Fashionbloggers « Windows of Vienna wrote @

[…] like Copyright or the handling with Social Media were held, discussed and reviewed from the blog Mr.StrictlyIntimate […]

  Kathrin wrote @

Hey, bei unser Session hätte es ja nicht dabei bleiben sollen, was wir machen. Abgesehen davon, das wir das ja noch nicht einmal richtig erzählen konnten. Anna hat in ihrem Blog zu nachträglichen Fragen aufgerufen, klick dich doch einmal da rein. 🙂

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

Hey – vielen lieben Dank, fuer diesen Tipp. Das werde ich mir natuerlich selbstverstaendlich ansehen und auch dementsprechend einen Link setzen, damit das auch jeder sehen kann.

Großartig, dankeschoen!



  Kathrin wrote @

🙂 Sehr gerne 😉

  Fashion Blog wrote @

After looking at a handful of the articles on your blog, I honestly like your way of blogging. I book marked it to my bookmark website list and will be checking back in the near future. Please check out my website as well and tell me your opinion.

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