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Just a Bunch of Thoughts…

So here is just a bunch of thoughts I had (and still have) today…

Life generally leads you into a lot of different directions (whether it is choosing the right path to follow when it comes to decide what to study or if it simply is making the decision between fat free and strawberry flavored yoghurt) – every decision you make will have a huge impact on your further life. Every step you take will mark an outline of a direction in which you could possibly go but not necessarily need to.

And what is the result, you may now ask? What is the result of every decision we actually HAVE to make in order to achieve something. And once the decision is made there are only two ways these decisions could lead you to – either to the road of disappointment because it was definitely the wrong decision (as it turned out in the end) or to the road of success because you chose wisely or luckily right for that moment.

But what do you do when it all turns out wrong and you feel not just disappointment but pure fear of falling apart and losing every little dream you held so sincerely and dearly inside to fulfill one day? Do you give up? Or do you simply get up and keep on trying.

Really do think about that.




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