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Triple Ligament Rupture and That One Starbucks That Simply Made Me Smile

It is times like these when certain people somehow surprise you… After I injured myself on Friday (Cast because of a triple ligament rupture) and have to face lying down in bed 24 / 7 it sounds reasonable that I have grown to ignore my social life concentrating on working and writing (and watching movies) because these are the only things I can do while lying trying not to strain my leg.
I have a lot of friends (even a fortune cookie once told me ‘Your greatest luck is the great number of friends you have’) and I am so happy that I have these for I can always call them when I am lonely (though I never do because I hate admitting it to myself when I am lonely); they come around when I need them (for instance now that I am alone at home facing my cast and a little bit of pain – but I am too proud to actually ask for help but it is somehow quite comforting to know one is there when you need someone)… they simply call because they want to know how I feel. I guess that is reassuring and that is a great luck in life I am very thankful for.

Today M came to visit me and I was hugely surprised that he came with a Starbucks… actually the one I always love to drink. He simply knew it and it is weird but it really made me blush because I was so surprised and here comes the other unbelievably nice thing: He bought a Thermos bottle to keep the coffee warm. I know a lot of people might think ‘come on, it is just coffee’ but hell to the NO it isn’t just coffee – it is a gesture of a friend who really cares and who really seems to know me. Remember: if one knows how you drink your coffee he knows everything about you.

After a long talk about the last weeks we haven’t seen each other we rapidly crossed every chapter to come across the one that was really interesting because there have been a few changes in M’s life for he now seems to have a boyfriend. And I did not think it was right somehow. But it is a long story and he knows my opinion on it and I think this isn’t something I should discuss here – it is none of my business and he will sort it out all by him pretty little self. He is a strong, confident guy. So he can take it all.

But one thing I have to say: If you feel alone sometimes… if you feel lost… all by yourself… with no one to turn to. Before you think of stepping into a relationship because of loneliness and not because of love – it is not right. Not the slightest. Never forget: if one has friends he is never alone. Never. Because they will always be there when you are down to build you up – when you face a low they will make you high – when it feels like you have dropped from a ten story building they will carry you up those thousands of steps to get you back where you fell from just so you can start again – over and over and over. That is why friends are there for you. That is, my dear M, why I will always be there for you!

Thanks M for that sweet surprise!





  peekaaboo wrote @

Sorry to hear about your ruptured ligament R.
Get well soon my dear…!

  autumnsunshine124 wrote @

I smiled about the Starbucks 🙂 BUT take care of yourself!! I think you do have super friends and that was so sweet of M 🙂 hugs to you and behave and rest your leg!! xox

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