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My Personal New Year’s Eve

“You’ve got to dance like there’s nobody watching…”

“So keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly, keep smiling, because life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about…”

It’s snowing outside. I just returned home from the office and I have to say, against all the odds of snow – it’s beautiful. Glittery. Sparkling as the wind blows it all around me.

I’ve decided to take a walk after leaving the office. Enjoying the clean air. Breathing in what felt like a new beginning to something. A cleansing process for all that happened in the past. I made my peace with them somehow. I did not expect it to happen so soon, or with some, so late. But it happened. And it feels good. As I come home to write these lines I listen to “Auld Lang Syne” sung by Lea Michele in the movie New Year’s Eve and I have to say it feels as if this is my very own New Year’s Eve. The moment I am walking, passing by all the old, worn out memories that have no remedy or any feeling of regret but will be cherished as necessary for the process of growing up. Of growing up to be who I am this minute. And growing up to who I will be after these crucial minutes pass by.

That is what life is about, isn’t it? Growing up in good memories and bad ones. Taking them all to create something utterly beautiful that will be a piece of you forever because they helped you to develop your character further. Because those particular memories took your strength one moment to another, making you vulnerable to this wide open space of emotional ambivalence to give you the chance to rise again. Regaining strength by concentrating on the pain. Not just wishing it away by hoping for a fairy to materialize right in front of your eyes granting you a wish but by working on yourself. Your abilities. Your character. Your flaws as well as those particular parts of you that you’ve always considered your most beautiful. Your life. Your close environment as well as the bits and pieces of an environment that you would have never considered being attached to your life.

Life is a constant, never ending process of learning. Of growing. Of falling asleep and waking up again. Of falling down and getting up again. Of falling in love and realizing that it maybe never was love. And of falling in love all over again. Against your better judgement. Against your own doubts. Cherish the great moments and learn from the bad ones. Don’t push away what could be a rolling stone for becoming yourself more and more. Each step at a time.



My Most Favorite Quotes on Life:

You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
[William W. Purkey]

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
[Mae West]

“Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
Life is beauty, admire it.
Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a duty, complete it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a promise, fulfill it.
Life is sorrow, overcome it.
Life is a song, sing it.
Life is a struggle, accept it.
Life is a tragedy, confront it.
Life is an adventure, dare it.
Life is luck, make it.
Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
Life is life, fight for it.”
[Mother Teresa]

“This life is what you make it. Not matter what, you’re going to mess up sometimes, it’s a universal truth. But the good part is you get to decide how you’re going to mess it up. Girls will be your friends – they’ll act like it anyway. But just remember, some come, some go. The ones that stay with you through everything – they’re your true best friends. Don’t let go of them. Also remember, sisters make the best friends in the world. As for lovers, well, they’ll come and go too. And babe, I hate to say it, most of them – actually pretty much all of them are going to break your heart, but you can’t give up because if you give up, you’ll never find your soul mate. You’ll never find that half who makes you whole and that goes for everything. Just because you fail once, doesn’t mean you’re gonna fail at everything. Keep trying, hold on, and always, always, always believe in yourself, because if you don’t, then who will, sweetie? So keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly, keep smiling, because life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.”
[Marilyn Monroe]



  Autumn Sunshine wrote @

This is so well written, right from your heart, R 🙂 You said it perfectly and touched my heart. I love the quotes you chose and how true about life, learning over and over. Hugs to you and so happy you are writing 🙂 xox

  K wrote @

NYC needs you! (:

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

awh ❤ you are wonderful!

I miss you, K!


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