the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.


This is an amazing day. A short day at the office. The sun shining as bright as never before this winter season and I finally feel like spring is softly knocking on my shoulder telling me to dress up in spring collections. TGIS – Thank God it’s Springtime! And I feel so damn good today!

Vera Wang Spring 2012 Ad

Vera Wang Spring 2012 Ad Campaign

I even am inspired to push myself getting back to working a bit on fashion again – and thanks to whom? The one and only Vera Wang. To me there is hardly anyone as inspiring as Vera is. Her bridal couture personifies the romantic dreams of giving love and being loved as well as looking forward to a day where a woman puts on the most beautiful gown of her life and a man wearing the most perfectly fitted suit he ever had in order to meet one another at a most special point of life. The aisle. Where a woman is supposed to marry the man she loves and where both man and woman should be allowed to marry whomever they want – in the eyes of a God they believe in, of a church that accepts them the way they are, with all the choices they are making.

Vera Wang Spring 2012 Ad

Vera Wang Spring 2012 Ad Campaign

Vera Wang Spring 2012 Ad

Vera Wang Spring 2012 Ad Campaign

Vera Wang Spring 2012 Ad

Vera Wang Spring 2012 Ad Campaign

(Design by Vera Wang. Photography by Carter Smith. Models: Shu Pei and Tian Yi.)

Every now and then, when I watch people interacting or talking to one another I see one thing. Even in today’s society – where computers develop faster than the human race possible could; where human beings overcome their own frontiers and borders in order to develop bigger things than ever before, we are stuck in pretending to accept one another while talking behind their backs, acting against the actual human right of being free and happy and allowed to love whoever you want as well as being allowed to be loved. Openly. Without feeling the necessity of hiding in a closet where all the loneliness comes together and might mess up ones heart and thoughts and soul until the point where there is no return. And then once this point comes everyone acts surprised and shocked and sad even though they are well aware of the fact that they could have prevented it by accepting, tolerating and above all accepting someone for being who they are/were.

A Couple Kissing Passionately

Men Kissing

Gay Kiss Women

Between you and me – I am not the one to point his finger on someone’s flaw since I for myself often judge by not being tolerant enough to accept every person that crosses my way the way they are. I wish I could. Like my sister. Or like my wonderful friend Brigitte. But unfortunately I still have to work a lot on that subject though my judgment is less on the sex, gender or race but more on the fact that some people just don’t give a damn how they look or present themselves to and in society and the people around them. It is a thing I just can’t understand. But as I said, I promise to work on it. On myself. Developing my character further. Embracing other people’s flaws as well as my own and accepting different opportunities not just on a fashion matter but on general terms too.

So – why not for once trying to think about a world where all the people have the same rights? Where all the people have a home and right to love. Whomever they choose. Whomever they want.



“Life’s too short to even care at all…”


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