the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

Winning or Losing?

In life we all have to make decisions. A lot of them. Some of them are life changing. Some of them are easy. And others quite tough. Some decisions appear to be a threat to our paths (at least the way we thought we’ve planned it). While others appear less of a threat on being close to challenging anything but yourself.

When making a decision there is one crucial thing to be thinking of. Okay, there are more things one would describe as being crucial to decision making but still there is this one thing that makes almost all the people appear to be same. WORRYING. Not just worrying about where a decision might take you but also worrying about how other people around you might feel if this particular choice makes them lose something. Or maybe even everything they hoped and wished for.

And here is my point now. This life is your life. It is the one YOU have to live. You will have to life. For quite some time. It is the life where you create dreams and plans for the future. It is the life where you face a change of plans. It is the life you’ve been given and it is the life you should make the most of. Stop worrying about hurting other people. Start worrying about how hurt you are if someone else gets the job you’ve worked for so hard. Start thinking about worrying that someone else gets the last spot at the college you applied for. Start worrying that all the other people around will do whatever they can to reach their goals never minding how you will feel or what you will do once you are told that you did not get the job or you did not get the spot or you did not make the cut to the final round. People aren’t nice. They pretend to be. It is a game. Your whole life is.

So make the decision. Life’s a battlefield.
Is it – winning by any chance of hurting someone or losing by any chance you’ll end up hurt?




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