the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

Down the Memory Lane.

Memory Lane

For some people memory is a feature that comes with life. A very handy thing. Like an app for human beings such as the eating app, or the drinking app, or the sleeping app. Automatically pre-installed. For others memory is something that needs to be scientifically researched, investigated in order to develop medicine further towards healing diseases such as Alzheimer, dementia and hyperthymesia. And then, there are those people who consider memory to be something very vague. Fleeting. Something, they can never be fully aware of or make use of without network failure.

Personally, I consider myself to be one of those lucky people whose memory is intact. Though I have to admit that I sometimes wish for a possibility to filter the good ones from those one actually wouldn’t mind getting rid of. But, on the other hand I wonder where I would be without all those “bad” memories that apparently made me stronger and wiser and more self-conscious. More aware of who I really was. Am.
Where would Sarah Burton be without her memory of Alexander McQueen influencing the fashion industry in a way no one will ever forget, taking his heritage and transforming it into something that has her own signature but never loses the spirit that represented McQueen himself? Where would her second album have taken Adele without that painful memory of lost love to help her writing the Songs for 21, an album that broke all the records because it was so honest, real and emotionally accessible for people all over the world?

With Adele’s words in mind I remember one thing – without memory and emotional ambivalences marking our lives and our ways, we are nothing. We couldn’t grow. We couldn’t develop our characters further. We couldn’t become strong personalities that aim for dreams. And aim for love. Not just love but for loving and being loved.

So memory is the one thing that drives us. That helps us drive ourselves. Above all the bad ones are the biggest motivations so somehow it is true what people say ‘in all the bad has to be something good in the end.’ Well, yes, that is true. But only if you are strong enough to fight all those dark shadows and helping yourself to let bad, painful memories be turned into a source you can draw from. It is all up to you – just like life is. There is no big plan if you do not make one yourself!




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